Kitchen Cabinet Kings Named to 2015 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

Kitchen Cabinet Kings Named To 2015 Inc. 5000 List

Kitchen Cabinet Kings ranks No. 1139 on the 2015 Inc. 5000 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 373%

Kitchen Cabinet Kings, a leading online distributor of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, ranked No. 1139 on the
34th annual Inc. 5000 list, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list
represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America’s
independent entrepreneurs. Companies such as Yelp, Pandora, Timberland, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, LinkedIn,
Zillow, and many other well-known names gained early exposure as members of the Inc. 5000.

“It is truly a great honor to be named for this award and stand alongside with so many great American
companies,” says Kitchen Cabinet Kings CEO Anthony Saladino. “This award is a testament to our team’s
relentless dedication to customer satisfaction.”

The 2015 Inc. 5000, unveiled online at and with the top 500 companies featured in the September issue
of Inc. (available on newsstands August 18 to September 22) is the most competitive crop in the list’s history.
The average company on the list achieved a mind-boggling three-year growth of 490%. The Inc. 5000’s
aggregate revenue is $205 billion, generating 647,000 jobs over the past three years. Complete results of the
Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and
other criteria, can be found at

“The story of this year’s Inc. 5000 is the story of great leadership. In an incredibly competitive business
landscape, it takes something extraordinary to take your company to the top,” says Inc. President and Editor-InChief
Eric Schurenberg. “You have to remember that the average company on the Inc. 5000 grew nearly sixfold
since 2012. Business owners don’t achieve that kind of success by accident.”

The annual Inc. 5000 event honoring all the companies on the list will be held from October 21 through 23,
2015 in Orlando. Speakers include some of the greatest entrepreneurs of this and past generations, such as
Marcus Lemonis, host of the CNBC show “The Profit,” Robert Herjavec, one of the main “sharks” on ABCTV’s
“Shark Tank,” KIND Founder and CEO Daniel Lubetzky, and Co-Founder of JJ

About Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Established in 2010, Kitchen Cabinet Kings is an industry leading online supplier of assembled and ready-toassemble
kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, offering discount cabinet pricing and the highest quality stock
cabinets on the market. Kitchen Cabinet Kings was designed to benefit both homeowners in need inexpensive
cabinets, and commercial buyers in need of wholesale cabinets. For more information on Kitchen Cabinet
Kings visit or call (888) 696-6454.

More about Inc. and the Inc. 500|5000

The 2015 Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth when comparing 2011 to 2014. To
qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2011. They had to be U.S.-
based, privately held, for profit, and independent–not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies–as of
December 31, 2014. (Since then, a number of companies on the list have gone public or been acquired.) The
minimum revenue required for 2011 is $100,000; the minimum for 2014 is $2 million. As always, Inc. reserves
the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Companies on the Inc. 500 are featured in Inc.’s
September issue.

The Inc. 500|5000 is a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. Started in 1982, this
prestigious list of the nation’s most successful private companies has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial
success. The Inc. 5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony is an annual event that celebrates their remarkable
achievements. The event also offers informative workshops, celebrated keynote speakers, and evening

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Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget with these Pro Tips

Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

A budget-minded kitchen remodel is well within your reach. With equal parts planning and patience, you can tick off every entry in your checklist without making any major comprises on your way to your dream kitchen. Here’s how:

1. Keep a close eye on sales and promotions

It may sound obvious, but stalking the catalogs and websites of your favorite manufacturers and retailers can yield big rewards. When you’re looking for high-quality kitchen cabinets, flooring, countertops and other remodel essentials, pay attention to the calendar. Local contractors and sellers tend to be slower in the fall and winter, so it may be a great time to bargain and haggle.

2. Buy direct from the manufacturer or retailer

Buying materials directly through a manufacturer or retailer may be the ticket to saving big bucks. When you choose a company that doesn’t spend tons of money maintaining a showroom or a brick-and-mortar shop, like Kitchen Cabinet Kings, you’ll noticed hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars knocked off invoice.

3. Don’t get hung up on hardwood

Although wood is a time-honored, essential building material, it’s not the only option. You can save tons of money if you consider manmade alternatives over natural wood. Thermofoil cabinets, for example, are affordable, low-maintenance and warp-resistant, yet don’t cost nearly as much as natural wood cabinets.


4. Try DIY

Many modern kitchen materials are actually designed specifically for the savvy do-it-yourselfer. For example, you can order stylish, grade-A ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets that ship to you already cut, labeled and finished with pre-drilled holes for hardware. Of course, you can always order your cabinets pre-assembled, which will speed up installation time, but the cost is higher than ready-to-assemble cabinets.

5. Cozy up with your contractor

If you insist on custom cabinets or having a professional do the installation, be sure to get in good with your contractor. The fact of the matter is, many retailers mark up their prices significantly when selling to consumers versus contractors, so you can always inquire about having your connection do all of your purchasing, from raw materials to appliances and even flooring.

6. Don’t rearrange plumbing

Another thing to consider while embarking on a kitchen remodel is that plumbing can cost an arm and a leg. You can cut out plumbing-related costs and other fees associated with flooring and demolition when you use your current layout as a guide. In other words, keep your major appliances where they are and remodel around them.

DIY Kitchen Budget Kitchen Remodel

7. Avoid buying designer materials

Don’t let this tip deter you from browsing luxury home décor magazines. On the contrary — you can use designer catalogs and specialty showrooms as inspiration. Select a few things you absolutely love and then do the digging yourself to find marked-down versions of stylish, high-priced favorites from discount outlets, websites and big box stores.

Gray and Black Kitchen Colors

8. Mimic ideas with accessories

In the same vein, you can copy permanent designer style with impermanent accessories. For example, if you adore the look of a custom kitchen backsplash, consider getting in touch with your creative side and painting or mosaicking yourself. If you’ve always dreamed of a kitchen that’s overflowing with architectural opulence (who doesn’t fantasize about arched doorways and exposed beams?), use paint or light fixtures to create an ornate style.

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Out with the Old: Affordable Updates for Any Kitchen

If you don’t want to pour thousands into a complete kitchen overhaul, following some of these smart tips will help you realize the value of the refresh compared to the remodel. All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity, a keen eye for design and the right vision and you’ll be well on your way to an updated kitchen that’s affordable and attractive.

Accessorize to Bring New Excitement

Affordable Kitchen Backsplash

One of the best ways to update your kitchen on a budget is to choose a bold, budget-friendly backsplash. You can install an affordable, do-it-yourself backsplash when you choose simple materials and an artful design, like wallpaper, paint or ceramic tiles. If you’re feeling weary, follow this simple mantra: if you made a mosaic in art class, you can do your own tiled backsplash. Make a statement with bright colors, hand-painted tiles or vintage wallpaper for a truly eclectic, inspired aesthetic in the kitchen.

Remember that a little bit of accessorizing can go a long way when it comes to the kitchen. Rather than dumping tons of money into new appliances or countertops, add a splash of style with unique wall hangings – matted, framed artwork is always a good idea – and other intriguing accessories such as countertop sculptures, live plants or hanging pot racks. Kitchen décor should always be both functional and fashionable, so hunt down pieces that will make cooking, entertaining and storage simpler. Stake your claim on vintage and second-hand items at the local thrift shop or flea market.

New Fixtures Add New Life

Unique Kitchen Light Fixture

Focusing on the finishes – like your cabinet hardware or a new kitchen faucet – can give your kitchen the refresh it requires without busting out the sledge hammer. Chic cabinet handles are truly one of the most affordable ways to spice up the kitchen without installing brand-new cabinetry or countertops. Choose stainless steel or nickel knobs and handles to achieve an ultra-updated look or opt for a warmer, deeper finish for a more traditional look that still brings style and sophistication to a tired-looking kitchen.

In the same vein, you can affordably update your kitchen sink with a brand-new kitchen faucet – like our impressive LCLK4B Kitchen Faucet that features a sleek, brushed nickel finish plus a dramatic curved design. The same result can be achieved by installing beautifully unique light fixtures in unconventional shapes or colors. Think outside the box when selecting lighting and you can create an intriguing, gallery-inspired space that feels both exciting and inviting.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Red Kitchen Cabinets

Never underestimate the value of the paint can. Giving your kitchen walls a fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a new and exciting color, has the power to change the entire feeling of the room. The other great thing about repainting walls is that it adds a clean, fresh mood to a room that may have become gloomy over time. Choosing a bright statement color can actually replace the need for a noisy backsplash or colorful wall-hangings, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with your artistic side.

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The Anatomy of the Perfect Pantry

The perfect kitchen pantry design starts, of course, with the pantry itself. Contemporary kitchen pantry designs give you all the storage space you need, often times without compromising too much on precious kitchen space. You can build a dream pantry that matches your kitchen’s cabinets or go for something complementary when you order a pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble pantry in whatever color, finish and style you desire — all without hiring a contractor. But what happens after you install your ideal pantry, like a ready-to-assemble white kitchen pantry with all the bells and whistles? That’s when the fun starts. Explore these smart kitchen pantry ideas to learn how to turn your pantry from a cluttered catastrophe into an organizer’s fantasy.

Containers are Key to Clutter Reduction

Pantry Containers and Jars
Keep things contained with the right containers. If you choose a pantry with tons of shelf space (like this spacious and stylish one), you should have plenty of places to store all of your dry goods, including bulk dry goods like pasta, rice, flour and whole grains, plus your store-bought items like cereal and canned goods. Buy high-quality kitchen canisters for a clean, neat and organized way to store all of your dried goods. If you want your pantry to look ordered yet eclectic, store food in mason jars or apothecary jars in unique and intriguing shapes. You can also make sure everything has its own special place with a potato bin, bread basket or fruit bowl.

Storing Smart Means Extended Shelf Life

Food Storage Containers for Food Preservation

Another thing to consider when selecting your pantry containers, canisters and jars is food storage safety and food preservation. With produce, it’s helpful to remember that you should store things how you bought them — so, if your apples were sold in the store on a non-refrigerated shelf, it’s safe to say that they’ll survive in the pantry. Dried goods will last in any air-tight plastic container, while other items, like potatoes, onions and garlic, will do fine if stored directly on the pantry shelf. Put your bulk items in see-through containers to make finding them easy and quick when you need them, and opt for plastic kitchen containers that stack on top of one another to ensure that every square inch is used wisely.

Accessories and Tools Keep Pantries Neat

Organized Food Pantry
Select smart pantry accessories, like lazy Susans, spice racks and risers if you want to make storage space go further and if you want to maintain organization all the time. Pantry risers are helpful because you can stack a variety of store-bought items, like canned goods and boxes of pasta, without having to place them side by side so that you can read the labels. Additionally, shelf liners will help preserve the wood on the shelves of your pantry while adding extra grip in case you need to grab something quickly, enhancing the everyday functionality of the best room in the house. Some contemporary pantries are built with helpful storage features — like in-door shelving, built-in drawers, pull-out baskets and even included wine racks — to help you give every food in the kitchen its own special place.

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Kitchen Cleanup Confidential: Tips to Declutter and Organize

When you open your kitchen cupboard, do storage containers come cascading down upon you in an avalanche of plastic? Does your kitchen look more like a junkyard than a space that might be featured in the latest home magazines? If you think you may need a kitchen intervention, then read on for tips to declutter and organize your space.

Organizing kitchen cabinets is easy when you follow our first tip: be absolutely ruthless. Anything that you haven’t used in recent memory, get rid of. If it’s still in working order, give it to your favorite charity or thrift shop. If not, recycle it. But under no circumstances should you keep it.

Black and White Vintage Kitchen Design

Putting Everything in its Place

Consider implementing the six-month rule: if you haven’t used it in six months, donate it. Of course this rule can be bent for special occasion kitchen items (formal china or holiday serving ware), but it should be strictly enforced on small utensils and gadgets that are used less often.

Next: Get organized. Kitchen cabinet organizers offer an excellent solution for taming messes behind closed doors. Make a place for everything, and put everything in its place.

A great way to organize within the cabinets is to place lazy Susans in the more cluttered crevices — especially in the pantry or in cabinets that house spices, cleaning supplies, dry goods and mixing bowls. This allows you to take full advantage of limited space and to keep yourself clued in on what’s getting regular use and what isn’t.

The Right Tools are Organizing Essentials

You can also install organization essentials that free up valuable cabinet space, like pot racks, wine racks and even a wall-mounted plate rack, to ensure each kitchen item has a place of its own. A few strategically placed hooks can go a long way in freeing up drawers and cabinets that are filled with potholders, coffee mugs, kitchen utensils, aprons and more.

Kitchen Pot Rack and Hanging Plate Rack
Being organized doesn’t mean that you should be stowing away items that you use regularly. Instead, keeping these items easily accessible should be a focus point of your plan. As they say, when an item is out of sight, it’s likely to be out of mind, too. For that reason, you should group daily-use items together, perhaps creating a dedicated space for them. This kind of solution not only prevents your important items from being scattered throughout your kitchen, but it also makes it easier to find exactly what you need as you’re running out the door in the morning.

Organized Kitchen Design
And the most important suggestion? You can’t see items hidden behind cabinets, so ensure that you have plenty of cabinetry to keep all of your possessions out of sight.

Kitchen Cabinet Kings can help you beautify, organize and ultimately gain control of an unruly kitchen. You may not know how to organize your kitchen, but we do. And we’re committed to helping you cut your kitchen makeover down to size.


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Readying Your Kitchen for the New Wave in Lighting

A perfectly lit kitchen should always be – if nothing else – well-balanced. That is to say, perfect lighting should be available at the flick of a switch or push of a button. From task-lighting to accent lighting for features worth highlighting, a well-thought-out lighting plan provides the kind of attention to detail that distinguishing homeowners demand.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Following Lighting Trends Keeps Bright Ideas Under Budget

For years, kitchen lighting trends closely followed overarching trends in home design. And nowhere is this more evident than in eco-friendly and compact LED undercabinet lighting’s rise to prominence. Having quickly become a mainstay in kitchen lighting, LEDs can cast subtle, unobtrusive light to make guests feel at home while providing powerful illumination that’s equally effective at task lighting. You can also find incandescent and fluorescent undercabinet options, but these lights are generally less energy efficient and have a shorter overall lifespan than their LED counterparts, so make sure you factor in long-term energy consumption when choosing your lighting.

Tailored Fixtures Are Key to Quality Illumination

Don’t forget to consider the layout of your particular kitchen when weighing kitchen lighting ideas. Consider this: high ceilings require lighting that can provide illumination for the vast space underneath, so make sure you have the lumens you need. Kitchen track lighting offers a potential solution here, and this type of design is certain to keep large-sized kitchens flooded with light.

Brightly Lit Modern Kitchen
If you want to achieve the ultra-trendy matte look without completely renovating your kitchen and eradicating all shiny surfaces, a few lighting tricks may be the answer. Darker cabinets, counters and backsplashes may require a higher lumen output than lighter and more reflective color schemes. You can minimize glare cast by glossy kitchen finishes by choosing specially constructed light fixtures and choosing your lighting angles wisely.

Recessed Lighting in Kitchen

Create Dimension with Recessed Lighting

Selecting the proper color tone to achieve natural, soft lighting that still offers the brightness required for cooking starts with selecting the appropriate correlated color temperature (CCT). A good rule of thumb is to choose warmer CCTs (2,700 to 3,500 kelvins) for wooden cabinets and backsplashes and to select cooler CCTs (3,500 to 5,000 kelvins) for cool-toned or gray cabinets and backsplashes. This will help enhance the illumination of the counters without creating an artificial-feeling lighting environment.

At Kitchen Cabinet Kings, we offer you plenty of options to let the lighting you choose show off your kitchen. Our frameless RTA coastal cream 10×10 kitchen cabinets, for instance, gracefully reflect the glow of modern down lights focusing on work areas. And Villa Cherry cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Kings will radiate warmth that will echo throughout your home. Shop all of our available styles to find the perfect complement to masterful modern kitchen lighting.

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What’s Inside the Modern Kitchens of Today?

Close your eyes and imagine smooth lines and seamless edges, refined finishes and little-to-no visual clutter; for many, this perfectly describes their dream modern kitchen. With more never-before-seen elements finding their way into kitchens every day, the kitchens of tomorrow could appear vastly different than they do today. So how can you create a future-proof kitchen?

Clean Kitchen Design

Where to Start

Ideas for creating your perfect kitchen should always start at the core. We firmly believe that this begins with your cabinets, the heart of your kitchen. And we have all of the cabinetry you’ll need to get your heart fluttering. A few thoughtful accents, like rich bursts of color on the walls and simple, streamlined hardware, will give your contemporary kitchen the perfect punch of personality required for years of pleasant cooking and entertaining.

If you want to know what’s inside modern kitchens today, you may be able to find your inspiration from Kitchen Cabinet Kings’ many modern offerings. Straight from the pages of home design magazines, our frameless RTA Makintosh 10×10 kitchen cabinets, for instance, can give you a sleek, minimalist European look with clean and crisp lines. The solid maple construction of these cabinets features stained, soft-close doors that pair modern sensibilities with practical convenience. Finishing your cabinetry with up-to-date hardware, like our LCP8 Handle with understated finishes and sleek silhouettes, will add to the room’s rejuvenated aesthetic and encourage a detailed finish.

Kitchen with Modern Updates

Working with White Makes Kitchens Bright

For many, the allure of an all-white modern kitchen design is too appealing to ignore. And that dream is well within your reach when you shop with us; we can give your aging kitchen a style lift with these RTA Ice White Shaker cabinets. Offering all the suave sophistication found in a Park Avenue apartment, this beautiful kitchen cabinet collection boasts a 3/4-inch solid birch face frame and a convenient soft-closing feature that will have you wondering how you ever managed to do without. Complement the crisp, white cabinets with pops of color — red or blue pairs perfectly with

Kitchen Cabinet Kings stocks many premium-quality kitchen cabinets to revive your tired kitchen and enliven any space. Best of all, since we lack the heavy overhead expenses of brick-and-mortar stores, we can pass those savings on to you, offering you unsurpassed deals to turn your kitchen design ideas into reality. Today’s dream kitchen doesn’t need to strictly feature crisp lines and muted colors.

Timeless Kitchen Design

Bringing it All Together

With a balanced approach, traditionalists and trailblazers alike can find a kitchen design solution that suits them. For example, intricate flooring can provide a vintage feel that looks restored rather than renovated, making it the ideal aesthetic for older homes or restoration-minded homeowners that want to preserve an original kitchen’s charm while adding to its quality and sensibility. And the right replacement cabinets can harken back to a bygone era without sacrificing a kitchen’s vintage or retro appearance, making them a wise option for those that have grown tired of loud-closing cabinets and sticky drawers.

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Revealing Kitchen Design Secrets from our Vault

What do industry insiders know that you don’t? A lot, as it turns out. We recently unsealed our well-guarded archives in order to create what we believe is an indispensable document that reveals invaluable kitchen design secrets.

Few kitchens come without design challenges. A cramped kitchen is no different than a palatial-sized kitchen; both come with pitfalls that you need to be aware of and able to overcome. By applying these guiding design principles — which have been amassed over the years from expert industry insights — you’ll be able to conquer your space instead of letting it conquer you.

No. 1: Storage can be functional and act as a design feature

Open Kitchen with Ample Storage
Exploiting every nook and cranny of your kitchen for the sole purpose of adding storage in every crevice isn’t just clinically efficient; it can help you fully recognize the design potential of your space. Using storage as a design element is simple. Case in point, a built-in fridge eliminates the empty space that would otherwise surround the unsightly appliance, and instead, repurposes it for your storage needs. The surrounding area can now be filled with trinkets, collectables and other showpieces of your choosing — it’s a personal canvas that wouldn’t exist had the space surrounding your fridge not been converted into storage.

These same principles apply to cabinetry. Ceiling-high cabinets allow you to not waste a vertical inch in your kitchen. Best of all, this type of storage affords you the luxury of not having to worry about the tidiness of what’s housed behind those cabinet doors — unless they’re glass doors, that is.

No. 2: White makes even small spaces bright

Bright White Kitchen
Working with white is an opportunity that many amateur interior designers unfortunately miss. For many, the draw of bold colors is too strong, while the subtle qualities whites possess are marginalized.

White tones can generally be lumped into two groups: warm whites with hints of yellow or red, and cool whites with blue or black tones. Warm whites are comforting and have a particular softness to them, while the other group is more emblematic of modern design because it imparts a pronounced sense of calmness and minimalism.

Traditional kitchens once tended to contain a greater number of warm whites rather than cooler ones, but this ratio has started to flip-flop as of late thanks to a heightened demand for European-inspired design (chiefly Scandinavian, but others as well).

No 3. Alternate materials to create design depth and magnetizing presentation

Model Kitchen and Materials
The last lesson from our vault speaks to the secret life of materials. From the warmth of wood to the cold austerity of metal, each has its own underlying qualities. This is the exact reason that your use of materials should be carefully considered, and more importantly, applied with a strategy in mind. The surest way to create a characterless space that has a monotone theme is to stick to a single material throughout your design.

Striking a balance with your materials (which should continue with your hardware) starts with an understanding of the materials themselves. A diverse list of materials not only creates visual variety, but each material has specific benefits that may include durability, ease-of-cleaning, portability (consider a lightweight metal island on casters) and more.

Whether man-made or natural, each material should be applied in congruence with your tastes. You have the power to create a space that’s wholly suited to you, so take time to exercise your creativity and you’re certain to be rewarded.

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5 Easy Ways to Accessorize Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen

Well-placed and unique accessories can finish up your otherwise perfect kitchen remodeling project. As glossy, modern, and high-tech as your freshly remodeled kitchen may be, it can look even better when you add some accessories for character, dimension, and style.

However, you may wonder just what finishing touches to include in this part of your house. These ideas can help you complete your kitchen remodeling and make this part of your home comfortable and beautiful.

Hang Artwork on the Walls

Kitchen with Artwork on Walls

As beautiful as your painted or wallpapered walls may be, they can be even more appealing after you hang a few pieces of artwork. Framed photos or paintings can give your kitchen dimension and make this room seem more intriguing.

Artwork can also be used to tie together an underlying decorative theme in your kitchen. You can mix and match paintings, photos, and other works of art to complement other decorative efforts you have put in this room.

Use Decorative Knobs and Handles

Decorative Cabinet Knobs

Another great way to tie together your décor and add some character to the room would be to use interesting and unique knobs and handles. Instead of ordinary brass or wooden handles and knobs, you can upgrade to those that resemble jewels, flowers, or other unique shapes. Unique handles and knobs can be found at any hardware or home improvement store.

Embrace Bright Colors

Colorful Kitchen Stools

You run the risk of a boring kitchen when you go out of your way to avoid bright colors. Color in your kitchen brings this room to life and gives it a warmth and comfort that you can treasure for years.

One of the best ways to use color in your kitchen involves including bar stools, rugs, curtains, and other accessories. Bright colors definitely give this room dimension that is immediately noticed and greatly appreciated.

Hang Sink Skirts

Country Kitchen Skirt

Even if your sink has a cabinet or shelving underneath it, you can still unique accessorize your kitchen by hanging a sink skirt. Sink skirts have a bit of rustic charm to them and recall the kitchens of the 50s and 60s.

However, they also make your kitchen seem softer, more welcoming, and much more interesting. You can find sink skirts in stores or you can make your own.

Place Potted Plants

Potted Kitchen Plants

Potted plants make any room of your house more homelike. However, they can definitely brighten your kitchen with their color and fragrance.

Even more, plants like mint and herbs can be used as cooking ingredients for some of your favorite dishes. Potted plants are cheap, easy to find, and always a stylish accessory for this room of your home.

Putting the final touches on your kitchen remodel calls for you to include well-placed and unique accessories. These tips can help you bring your otherwise successful remodeling project to an end and give your kitchen dimension, beauty, and appeal.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Sinks

Gorgeous Stainless Steel Sink

When remodeling your kitchen you may think that cabinets, counter tops, and flooring may be your most critical decisions, and that’s fair. After all, these materials can represent a large portion of the remodeling budget and will be responsible for creating your kitchen’s aesthetic.

However, a good deal of attention also needs to be paid to the kitchen sink. Remember, your kitchen sink will be frequently used, dealt a lot of abuse, and needs to last for years to come. Below, you’ll find an outline of the basic options that you’ll find when shopping around for the purchase.

Number of Basins

Generally, kitchen sinks have one, two, or even three basins. Which you’ll enjoy the most depends on your lifestyle. Many people love the space a single basin sink affords. However, single basin sinks don’t multitask very well.


Designing a kitchen is always a process of balancing out space, and the kitchen sink is no exception. You need a sink big enough to fill your every food preparation and clean up need, but you’re sacrificing valuable counter space for every inch your sink widens. A good starting point is the sink you have now. Think back to all the instances you wish you had a larger sink. If this is a frequent desire, then get a bigger sink.


Generally speaking, most designers consider deeper kitchen sinks the way to go. After all, the deeper the sink, the more room you’ll have to fill large pots, hide dirty dishes, and wash produce without splashing your counter top. However, deeper sinks leave less storage space under the cabinet and cost more.


While options are always broadening, you’ll see mostly stainless steel and porcelain sinks while shopping around. Stainless steel tends to be the most affordable, but many argue that there is just no beating the warmth afforded by porcelain. In recent years, however, granite and natural stone sinks have grown in popularity. Just make sure that the material you choose can hold up to your lifestyle.


When talking about stainless steel sinks, you’ll also need to look at the thickness of the sink. Generally speaking, the thicker the steel, the harder it is to damage. Of course, thicker steel is more expensive and harder to form into a sink, so you’ll pay a higher price as well.

Picking the right kitchen sink really is a process. Don’t be afraid to shop around or drop a fair chunk of change of the purchase. After all, your kitchen sink will be heavily used; it’s a product you’re going to want to enjoy.

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