Following Feng Shui to a Better Bathroom

Feng Shui: An ancient Chinese system of laws considered to govern spacial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. Feng shui can get pretty specific, and at times a little confusing. Don’t be too concerned with making sure you’re following every principal to a tee. Instead, borrow core ideas to establish a comfortable space. Utilize these beginners tips to create the proper flow of energy in your bathroom and create a serene, in-home spa.

Keep It Clean

Black sink bowl, wood counter, gray towels
This step couldn’t be more obvious, but don’t forget the importance of maintaining a clutter-free environment. Keep any source of air, such as windows and vents clean as well. This ensures fresh air and new energy supply. Don’t let unpleasant smells ruin your bathroom’s chi. Improve the aroma by keeping surfaces free of mildew and using quality essential oils as air freshener. Create your own blends to help you wind down, wake up, or set a romantic mood.

Keep It Closed

White shower curtain, white tiles, round mirror
This goes for toilet lid, shower curtain, and the bathroom door itself. Don’t let the good energy escape!

Round Shapes

Circle copper framed mirror above sink
Circular shapes are a constant form of energy. They are said to promote wealth as well as connect us to the planets. Add round shapes to your bathroom by way of mirrors, handles, and sink basins, and anything else you can think of!

Hide The Toilet

Toilet behind wall, gray towel draped over bath tub
If the lid is left open, toilets are thought to have the ability to flush away prosperity from your life. Keep the lid closed and don’t let the toilet be the first thing you see upon entering the bathroom.


Double rounded edge mirrors over bath room sinks
Strategically place mirrors to reflect light and open the space. Be careful as to not reflect things such as the toilet, drains, sharp edges, or anything else containing negative energies. It’s also not encouraged to place a mirror opposite the entrance of the bathroom, as this will just suck energy right back out of the room.

Enhance Your View Of Nature

White tile, window, white sink bowl, marble counter
Use curtains to soften edges of windowsills and create an even more inviting view onto nature. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, hang pictures of pleasant scenery with decorative frames to give the impression of nature.

Use The Elements

Hanging wood montain shelf, raw crystals/stones, plant
Feng Shui is all about balance. Offset the strong water element in your bathroom by adding earth elements. This can be achieved through the color of your walls, or even through bathroom accessories like towels and floor matts. Wood and/or metal will beautifully offset water elements as well. Another way to keep your bathroom grounded is to add crystals. Crystals are one of the most favorable sources of positive energy, and have recently made a come back in home decor. Be mindful about which kind of crystal you’re adding, each kind retains different properties.


There are different elements and techniques you should use according to which direction your bathroom faces and which area of the home your bathroom lies in. If you want to dive further into the ideals of Feng Shui, do a bit of research and see how to bring about the correct energy according to the specifics of your bathroom.

How have you used Feng Shui in your bathroom? We want to know!

Examples of Ceramic Tiles in the Bathroom to Inspire You

Ceramic tiles are a great addition to any bathroom. They’re affordable, durable, and hold endless design possibilities. Don’t let your mood be brought down by a drab and boring bathroom. Incorporate uplifting colors and interesting shapes with ceramic tiles. Here are some inventive ways to integrate that extra attitude into your bathroom.

White subway tile shower, shower head

White is a great place to start. It’s clean, mature and can act as a finished look or a blank slate. White subway tiles give you the freedom to accent the room with whatever other colors and patterns you please. Another way to accentuate neutral tones is by opting for a colored grout. Make light colored tile pop with a darker grout or vice versa. Don’t forget that grout can be dyed just about any color, so get creative and consider making the grout lines a focal point in your design.

White subway tile, black grout, white sink, flowers

Pink pastel tiles, sink, gold faucet, circular mirror

What ever happened to pretty pastels? Bring back the 50s by adding soft colors to your bathroom. Baby pinks, powder blues, and minty greens are a great way to attain those vintage vibes.

Pink square tiles, black border, white towels

This pink bathroom is intensified with a modish, black border. Enhance pastels with bold colors or flashy furnishings to create a sharp, fashionable edge.

Light blue subway tiles, white towels, baskets

There’s nothing quite like soothing shades of blue to make you feel as though you already own that beach house getaway.

Bohemian blue and white bathroom tiles, wood, white sink

These hand painted blue and white tiles are uniquely beautiful. Each pattern is individualistic and one of a kind. Bring a true bohemian touch to your bathroom with Moorish inspired ceramic tiles.

Black subway tiles, white and blue wall paper, white sink, mirror
What’s not to love about this refreshing pallet of black and blue? The combination of wall paper and tile allows for different levels of texture as well as funky images. This duo is perfect for attaining a kitschy tropical ambience.

Black diagonal wall tiles, white tub, ladder

This sophisticated black subway tile is jazzed up by it’s unconventional lay out. No need to stick with traditional templates, mix up simple tiles by choosing a playful pattern for your layout.

Orange tile wall, white sink, black tile floor

Energize your self with orange! Vibrant colors awaken the senses and leave you feeling invigorated.

Orange fish scale tiles, marble bathtub

Borrowing inspiration from aquatic life, fish scale tiles are an eye-catching shape that can achieve several different looks. The use of different shades of orange in this bathroom adds depth and makes the wall pop.

How have you accented your bathroom with ceramic tiles?

10 Bathroom Ideas That Will Make It Actually Feel Like Spring, Now

After almost five years in the suburbs, I’m moving back to New York City in May. While I’m excited to have world-class restaurants and art institutions at my fingertips, I’ll miss Virginia’s abundant parks and hiking trails. I’m certainly not moving into a penthouse on Central Park West, so I’ll have to make a greater effort to stay connected to nature. Being surrounded by green is calming, grounding, and beautiful, so it’ll be a win-win. The first signs of spring (hi cherry blossoms!) are inducing fantasies of infusing my new apartment with life. As potted plants and flowers for the living room and kitchen are practically de rigueur, I’m challenging myself to approach my bathroom decor with a green thumb. Here are a few of the most verdant ideas sprouting on my inspiration board so far:

1. Keep it wild

Light grey bathroom with wooden accents and mosaic tile flooring
Since full blown bouquets are expensive and too perfect sometimes, I’m loving this simple vase of wildflowers. Think more stem than flower, more leaves than petals. It is a small indulgence to replace them weekly, but they last longer than say, roses and are cheaper, too. Have fun with the proportions; pairing long stems with a short and minimalist vase make for a striking effect.

2. Paradise found

Tropical glass bathroom with freestanding bathtub and jungle plants
Okay, this definitely reminds me of a trip to Bali rather than a typical New York City bathroom, but we can take a cue from this tropical paradise. If you have a window in your bathroom, place a tropical tree floor plant by the bathtub or toilet. You can also recreate the simple steps to the bathtub with reclaimed wood. Incorporating wood and other natural elements are a sure way to feel earthy and grounded.

3. Play around with levels

Exposed brick bathroom with various potted plants and urban oasis vibe
Floating shelves are simple to install and are much more attractive than those flimsy over the toilet organizers from Bed Bath & Beyond (you know the kind I’m talking about). We love how this homeowner accessorized these rustic shelves with terracotta potted plants and a bright framed print. The long vine-y plant lends an organic, jungle feel. The idea is to feel transported into a sanctuary; by mixing and matching levels and placement of the pots, the overall effect feels effortless. Plus, the bright green floormat pops and brings the entire space together.

4. Art imitates life, and life imitates art

All white bathroom with contemporary art, an orchid, and white radiator
This mostly white bathroom feel serene and tranquil. Orchids are a common household decoration, but they feel extra luxurious and glamorous here placed by the sink. The artwork adds a mysterious element to the nature-inspired atmosphere as well. I’m not entirely sure what that photograph is meant to be of, but the man looks like he’s floating in the ocean, with rays of sunlight shining through the surface. How surreal and transporting is that?

5. Source unique vases

Rustic style bathroom with distressed wooden floors and freestanding tub and large plant
I’m guilty of sticking freshly bought flowers in the basic, plain vases that I’ve hoarded from getting flowers delivered on my birthday. For my new apartment, I’m going to keep a lookout for vessels that are works of art in themselves. I’m obsessing over this bubble-like blown glass vase that makes an impact on the floor with what’s basically a tree branch. You can place anything in a beautiful vase and it will look expensive and special.

6. Think tropical

Spa like bathroom with tropical potted plants, a freestanding tub, and teak wood cabinets and accents
The tropical leaf print motif is currently a big trend in fashion and home decor. Go straight to the source by purchasing a plant with large tropical leaves. Keep it simple with a white or terra cotta pot, and juxtapose it with other natural materials like a jute rug, unglossed wooden cabinets, or a tree stump stool.

7. Celebrate year-round

Wooden plank accent wall with circular magnolia wreath over bathtub
Wreaths aren’t just for holidays. This gorgeous one above is dried and stands out beautifully from the rustic plank walls. Also, I love magnolia wreaths, which are classic Southern and can keep for years if well maintained. Installing wooden planks as an accent on just one wall of your bathroom can be a weekend project. Source leftover wooden pallets from warehouses and stain them to your preferred darkness. After measuring and cutting for size, use real nails and Liquid Nails to adhere to the wall. The resulting effect is truly amazing.

8. Your urban oasis awaits

Bathroom in shades of green with forest shower curtain, green towels, and cactus plant
This space combines city and wilderness in one fell swoop. The shower curtain is a lush green forest, and you can even make your own by having a print shop blow up a high resolution nature photo. The cactus is a foil to the tropical leaf, as in reality neither of these plants would be anywhere near one another. Though not in the photo, an aloe vera plant would be cute and could provide relief for summer sunburns, stat. Even the hand towels have printed fern motifs, which reflect the pale blue-green walls. The slate colored floor tiles are reminiscent of the concrete jungle and the world that lies outside.

9. Embrace Florals

Romantic chinoiserie inspired bathroom with freestanding white bathtub and ornate floral design
The chinoiserie style is making a comeback. The space above actually doesn’t contain anything living, but the ornate walls feel lush, extravagant, and all-encompassing. Feeling like you’re in a turn of the century Chinese or Japanese garden is a pretty cool thing to say about someone’s bathroom, right? Go bold and find a wallpaper that takes this theme to the max.

10. Go oversize

Sunny white bathroom with pink accent rug, freestanding bathtub, and large potted tree plant
If your bathroom allows it, go with an oversize plant or small tree. Think something leafy or even fruity, like a lemon tree. The key is to experiment with proportion and layering. Finding an oversize plant creates a focal point that is soothing and awe-inspiring. Just be sure to keep it simple with your other furniture and accents.

How will you inject greenery into your bathroom this spring?

5 Common Kitchen Design Myths to Forget in 2015

5 Kitchen Design Myths to Forget in 2015
These days, you can’t turn a corner without a home design-related blog, television show, Pinterest board or Instagram page popping up before your eyes. While the prevalence of information can often be inspiring and useful, it can also sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. With so many voices coming from all different sources, it can be tricky to know what to believe. At Kitchen Cabinet Kings, our staff is passionate about helping customers navigate these data-saturated times, to uncover a kitchen layout that feels true to them and genuinely useful for their lifestyle and needs. After careful consideration, we’ve come up with the top five myths in the world of kitchen design that need to be dispelled, right here, right now. Read on to get the scoop!

Myth 1: You need to spend 25% of your property value on your kitchen work

Gorgeous Brown Kitchen
Truth: There’s an age old misconception that homeowners have to allot a quarter of their property value on their kitchen renovation in order for it to make sense financially. In actuality, everybody has a different budget, with unique needs to consider. You have to factor in countertops, flooring, appliances, cabinets, electrical work, and manpower when setting your personal budget. These days, experts say that closer to 15% of your property value can be dedicated towards your kitchen redesign, in order for you to still have a favorable return on investment, but in truth there is no set umbrella figure for all homeowners to abide by.

Myth 2: Wood countertops are not considered sanitary

Kitchen Marble Wood Countertop
Truth: These days, many wood countertop manufacturers actually apply a sealant that provides a protective top coat and safeguards your family from dangerous bacteria floating around. As it turns out, wood materials have an antimicrobial property that attacks common kitchen germs and in fact protects your family when they cook. With a basic cleaning routine, you can have a perfectly sanitary kitchen environment after all.

Myth 3: Timeless kitchens only come in two color options: black or white

Black & White Themed Kitchen
Truth: All too often, homeowners looking to be practical assume that a kitchen that will stand the test of time has to be outfitted with black and white furniture and accents. While it may be tempting to stick with that choice because you won’t have to worry about getting sick of a certain color or pattern, the truth is, you should go with your gut. If you have one palette, texture, or design that you have always gravitated towards over the years, that is likely the aesthetic you are most comfortable with. Go with the color scheme and design that makes you happy, rather than being a slave to the trends or feeling obligated to be extra conservative.

Myth 4: Hiring professional kitchen designers is an unnecessary expenditure

Kitchen Designer Helping Client in Kitchen
Truth: Whether you are proud of your DIY skills or you think you’re getting the last laugh by not falling for the trap of professional designer costs, you need to take a step back and consider if the sacrifice is worth it. No matter how handy you are or how dreamy your vision is, you may indeed require a talented designer to bring your ideas to life. Somebody with professional kitchen design experience can meld function and style seamlessly, and make the most of the square footage you are working with. A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into creating a beautiful finished product. Consider consulting with a designer before you jump in head first and find yourself in hot water.

Myth 5: A stylish kitchen is more important than one with ample storage space

Gray Open Space Kitchen
Truth: For many of us, a kitchen renovation is an opportunity to express our creativity and create a space that is more chic, stylish, and trendy than its predecessor. While the temptation for a Pinterest Board-worthy kitchen may be high, it’s important to not forget the more practical aspects of a kitchen redesign, namely storage space. Visual appeal is important, but there’s no point impressing your guests with all sorts of bells and whistles if it means having to hide your inevitable, unsightly clutter in an over-stuffed closet or cabinet. Try to strike a balance between looks and function, and you’ll be happier at the end of the day.

If you are ready to embark on a kitchen renovation and looking for help in debunking more hearsay and executing your vision, we are the ones to call. Fill out this 3D kitchen design form to get the ball rolling and our team will take it from there and help you create a layout that will bring your unique taste and function together. We can’t wait to hear from you!

5 Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Bathroom Door Can't Close Because Of Toilet

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is 5, 15, or 50 years old, sooner or later it will need to be remodeled. Since you’re investing a significant amount of time and money, it’s important you avoid the most common mistakes homeowners make during a bathroom remodel. After all, this is a major project that shouldn’t be taken lightly; professional help and careful planning will be needed.

1. Not Upgrading Lighting

Odds are that the lighting in your bathroom just isn’t as great as it could be. Most bathrooms need two light sources: one over the bathroom mirror and one over the bathtub or toilet. For an extra dramatic result, consider installing a small chandelier as your second light source.

2. Not leaving room in the budget

If there’s one thing you can bet on during a bathroom remodel, it’s that you’ll have a surprise at some point. You might tear out your toilet to discover sub floor damage, your old bathtub tile could be hiding a mold problem, or the paint color you just loved in the store might look terrible on your walls. Either way, you need to leave some wiggle room when you plan out expenses.

3. Keeping an old toilet

Many people don’t realize that toilets do eventually need to be replaced. Newer models save considerably more water, perform better, sit higher for comfort, and the purchase make you eligible for a rebate.

4. Thinking your bathroom is larger than it is

Sure, almost everyone wants a jetted tub to soak in at the end of the day, but you really need to measure everything out to consider if you actually have the space. Besides, a big fancy tub doesn’t increase your home’s value. If you’re still determined, follow this tip: put tape down to block of the extra area your new tub will take up, and see if you can live with it for a week.

5. Using cheap materials

Everything in your bathroom needs to be able to stand up to high heat and humidity for years, if not decades, to come. Please, put in the highest quality cabinets, use the best quality paint, and install the best flooring material you can afford. This small extra cost up front can save you thousands in avoided mold remediation later on.

This post entitled 5 Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes & How To Avoid Them is a post from the Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog. Kitchen Cabinet Kings is a wholesale distributor of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

Get Your Bathroom Ready for Fall and Winter with These 5 Tips

With winter just around the corner, you may already be thinking about the higher electric and gas bills that go along with keeping your house warm during this season. When you want to keep your utility usage to a minimum, you would do well to consider ways that you can make your home warmer without having to turn up the thermostat. One way that you can keep your house warm and save your energy bills involves winterizing different areas throughout your home. In fact, when it comes to getting your bathroom ready for colder weather, you can use these steps to winterize your bathroom.

Winterize Your Bathroom

Put in New Insulation

If it seems like the walls in your bathroom let in a lot of wind from the outdoors, you should pad them up by putting in new insulation. Insulating the walls around the window, under the sink, and around the bathtub can make the room warmer without you having to turn up the heat in your house. As you work on the bathroom walls, you also should remember to check the ceiling to make sure it is well insulated.

Wrap the Pipes

Even if freezing weather is weeks away, you should still wrap your pipes to ward off breaks and leaks when the colder weather finally arrives. Many people forget that their pipes are very vulnerable to freezing during the wintertime. When your pipes freeze, you have to turn up the heat in your home and often use a floor heater or blow dryer to thaw them. Rather than use more electricity for this purpose, you can get a head start on protecting your bathroom and your utility bills by insulating your pipes now.

Seal Your Bathroom Windows

Like your pipes, your bathroom windows should be winterized as well. You can use insulated tape to wrap around the inside perimeters of each window to keep drafts out of the bathroom. You can also make this fixture warmer by hanging insulated curtains or drapes.

Lay Rugs or Carpeting

This simple step can go a long way in making this room warmer without having to turn up the heat in the house. If you normally avoid using carpeting in your bathroom because of the risk of mold growth or moisture, you can lay down area rugs or runners instead of installing wall-to-wall carpeting. You should choose rugs that have rubber non-slip backing, however, to prevent falls.

Winterize Your Toilet

You may be unaware that you can winterize your toilet and prevent this fixture from freezing during cold weather. In fact winterizing the toilet is quite easy and does not take much time at all to complete. This process involves using plumber’s antifreeze, which you can buy at most home improvement or hardware stores.

Before you pour in the antifreeze, you should first empty the water out of the back tank. Once the water is drained, you can then pour in the antifreeze and then flush it into the bowl and drainage system. After you flush, you should then pour a half cup of plumber’s antifreeze into each sink, shower, and tub in your house. This step winterizes the entire drainage system in your bathroom.

This post entitled Get Your Bathroom Ready for Fall and Winter with These 5 Tips is a post from the Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog. Kitchen Cabinet Kings is a wholesale distributor of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.