Announcing the Winner of our Facebook Contest

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Facebook contest and helped make it a success!

And a special congratulations to Karen Lewis, the winner of new Kitchen Cabinet Kings bathroom cabinets!

For many, redoing your kitchen or bathroom seems like a daunting task. Here’s what Karen had to say during her remodeling process:

I entered the Kitchen Cabinet Kings Facebook contest because my bathroom vanity was in need of replacement due to a water leak that had damaged the wood beyond repair. Before entering the contest, I had never considered ordering cabinets online. The idea of measuring my bathroom and having cabinets fit the exact specifications seemed like a formidable task. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Kitchen Cabinet Kings made the whole process. The step by step directions they provided for taking my bathroom measurements was very helpful. Under the helpful guidance of sales associate Rebecca White, I chose Thompson White assembled bathroom cabinets. Within two weeks the cabinets arrived and I was very pleased with the quality of the solid wood doors and frames. They fit perfectly and were easy for my husband to install. My bathroom has been transformed into a lovely place of respite thanks to Kitchen Cabinet Kings.

Without further ado, here’s a before and after picture of her bathroom

Karen Lewis - Before & After Kitchen Cabinet Kings Bathroom Remodel

How to Rock Leather in the Kitchen

Leather is a primitive resource. Originally used by hunters and gatherers all over the world to make tools, clothing, and shelter, it has quickly become a favorite texture in the modern world. Over the years, humans have refined the process of leather tanning to transform it into different shades and textures, thus procuring an attainable, versatile, and timeless material. Leather expresses both masculinity and femininity, making itself a universal product throughout fashion and home decor. Since kitchen appliances tend to be cool by nature, try balancing the room with a bit of warmth. Below are some artistic ways to add an organic touch to your kitchen by incorporating leather.

Shelf Hangers

Floating shelves with beige leather straps, white dishes with blue pattern, baskets

Floating shelves are all the rage amongst many different design cultures. Hung by leather straps, these shelves add a contemporary edge to a bare wall. Display everything from dishes, to books, to plants with these floating shelves.

Cabinet Pulls

White kitchen drawers with leather pulls, plant

Leather may not be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on kitchen hardware. Leather cabinet pulls however, are a great way to bring a soft and stylish touch to your kitchen cabinets.


Leather chairs around dining table, white kitchen, wood floors

Modern and functional, leather chairs are a welcome addition to any dining room table. It’s a great way to steer away from harder materials if comfort is what you’re after, while maintaining a matching color profile for your wooden accents.


Hexagonal leather coasters, white mug, and plant on marble counter

Flexible, soft, and undeniably trendy, these leather coasters are the rewarding product of an afternoon DIY project. Try out different shapes and colors to attain multiple sets.

Pendant Light Shades

Leather pendant light shade, brick wall, circular window

These light shades truly showcase the unlimited and ingenious uses of leather. Wether it be your lighting or your most loved coffee cup, almost anything can be adorned in leather.

Place Settings

Cloth napkin and rosemary sprig tied with leather strap

If you’re planning on hosting a dinner party, this is a delicately creative way to bring leather into the mix. These custom place settings are chic, practical, and easy to make, not to mention reusable!


Leather plant tag "basil"

Get crafty by making your own labels. Cut out bands or tags to identify fresh herbs, dried food goods, unlabeled bottles, or to add a personal touch to your favorite mug.

Skillet Handle

Leather skillet glove on cast iron pan, electric stove

Cast iron skillets have long been a staple of quality in kitchenware. Unfortunately they do come with one downfall; their handles get incredibly hot! Keep your hands safe from heat with this authentic leather pot handle slip.


Leather apron

This apron is a perfect accessory for your inner butcher. Keep your tools handy and your clothes clean beneath this grill master’s must-have garment.

How have you incorporated leather in your kitchen?

Get Your Kitchen Ready For A Labor Day Bash

The pressure of entertaining guests can be overwhelming, especially around the holidays. We’ve jotted down some simple tips to help you enjoy your Labor Day, with the least amount of labor possible. We’ve even included a few of our favorite cocktail recipes!

Create Menu/Shopping List Ahead of Time

pink back ground, bananas, print out grocery list
We’ve all had that “oh no” moment when it’s 20 minutes till go time and you realize you’ve forgotten something crucial from the grocery store. To avoid these situations, start by planning a menu and assembling an organized shopping list at least a week before your Labor Day get together. This ensures that you’ll have no unnecessary anxiety on the day of the party. Consider choosing dishes that are easy to prepare such as non-cook salads made of fresh veggies and/or fruits. This is also a fantastic way to celebrate the last of the summer yields. Think about what you can buy in terms of disposable dishes and cutlery to minimize clean up, and don’t forget to unload the dishwasher the day prior.

Clear out Fridge Before Shopping Trip

inside of double door fridge
No body likes to come home after a grocery haul only to find there’s no space to put anything away. Rid your refrigerator and pantry of any and all unnecessary products before you venture out on a shopping trip.

Get Prep Done the Night Before

Crudite; carrot, celery, jicama
Cut cooking time in half by chopping and prepping as much as you can the night before. This makes the day much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Batch Pitchers of Cocktails

Batched cocktail in mason jar dispenser
Throw together a few batches of simple summer classics. If you’re planning on using fresh juices, you may want to choose cocktails that use the same citrus such as daiquiris, west side, and a margarita variation. Look no further, we’ve got you covered on the batching specs below. Each batch holds roughly 16 drinks.

The Spotted Pig’s Don Felipe

  • 26 Oz. Reposado tequila
  • 8.5 Oz. Campari
  • 17 Oz. Lime
  • 8.5 Oz. Simple syrup

Classic Daquiri

  • 36 Oz. White rum
  • 36 Oz. Gin
  • 18 Oz. Lime
  • 13 Oz. Simple syrup

East Side

  • 18 Oz. Lime
  • 13 Oz. Simple syrup
  • 15 Cucumber slices
  • Generous handful fresh mint

TIP: To make simple syrup, combine equal parts sugar to boiling water. Start with two separate containers and slowly add sugar to water string with a wooden spoon.


American flag mason jar lantern DIY
If you’re into festive decorations, go online for some crafty projects to liven up the atmosphere, just make sure you’re choosing ones that require minimal time and effort!

Pick Out Playlist

White iPhone in wood dock
Select your tunes ahead of time. Make a few playlists or decide on stations that are best suited for the mood of your party.

How do you get your kitchen ready for company?

8 Things to Consider Before Building Your Home Bar

A home bar might seem like a simple venture at first, you just slap some wood together and buy some stools right? Wrong. There are many things to consider before building a bar. We’ve got your back with a list of the most important things to know when starting on your bar.

Bar Top

wood bar top, white brick, open liquor shelving, mirror

There are many options when it comes to choosing a material for your bar top. Wood however, is probably the most common and versatile material used when creating a bar counter. Wood is durable, easy to clean, and provides a non-slick surface for guests to set drinks on.


stool height diagram

Average bar dimensions are usually around 42 inches tall by 24 inches wide. You don’t need to follow those exactly, but keep in mind that most bar stools are around 30 inches high, so when you’re picking out stools make sure they’re roughly 12 inches shorter than the height of your bar. Here’s a helpful diagram to give you an idea.


rocks glass with 4 cubes, black background

Wether you choose to buy a machine or keep trays stocked up in the freezer, you’re going to need ice, and a lot of it. It’s also important to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of ice for making cocktails. When using small ice pellets the ice melts very quickly and becomes wet causing the cocktail to “die” within the first few minutes. To make a proper cocktail you’ll want to use larger, more substantial cubes to prevent the drink from becoming too diluted. “Perfect” cube ice is fail proof. The term “perfect” is self explanatory, it refers to the cube being an even square. You can find silicone ice cube trays at almost any kitchen supply store.


double door bar fridge with blue lighting, sitting area with pillows

Not only is refrigeration crucial for keeping beer and wine chilled, but you’ll also need somewhere to store your citrus, syrups, and garnishes when not in use. A double door, energy efficient fridge is ideal for optimum storage.


compact dishwasher

Having a dishwasher behind your home bar adds an extra level of convenience, making clean up much faster and more efficient. However, if it’s not in the budget you can still get by without one.


glass shleves, liquor, marble counter_sink, gold faucet

Even if you decide against a dishwasher, a prep sink is a crucial element to any bar. Things get sticky fast when mixing cocktails. You’ll want somewhere to rinse your hands, bar tools, and discard ice you’ve used to shake with. The sink doesn’t have to be large, just big enough to perform those simple tasks. Check out our bar and prep sinks here.


glassware guide

No cocktail is complete without the proper vessle. It’s important to stock your bar with the correct variety of durable glassware. Pictured below is a perfect list of the necessary styles you’re going to need for your home bar.


gold bar tools and boston shaker on marble counter

A cocktail is stirred when comprised solely of liquor, and shaken when anything else enters the picture, such as fruit juice. That’s why it’s important to have mixing pints and shaking tins, and the appropriate strainers for each. You don’t need to get crazy fancy with this one (unless you want to), but it’s important to have a basic bar kit containing the essentials when you plan on mixing cocktails.

TIP: Make sure you’re buying “TEMPERED” shaking tins/mixing pints and quality tools otherwise you’ll find yourself replacing things more often than not!

Now you can move onto the booze! What’s behind your home bar?

Essentials for a Modern Desert Style Kitchen

The desert is a beautiful, spiritual place. You often see homes in the Southwest using bright colors that imitate the earth’s magic. Think deep, fiery oranges and luminous pinks, like that of a sunset. Natural beige mimics soft billows of sand and pairs nicely with true greens of an ancient cactus. Southwestern design is a trend that’s resurfaced and amongst home decor and has been reinvented to fit the in with modern design. Bring a bit of the old Southwest to your kitchen by blending native pieces with contemporary decorating techniques.


Colorful navajo runner, sheep skin on chair, wood table
Desert temperatures go from extreme heat, to frigid cold every day and night. Most homes in such climate are stocked with authentic textiles to keep you cozy throughout chilling evenings. Navajo rugs, hides, and other earthly textures make great additions to warm up your kitchen and dining area. This kitchen perfectly demonstrates how to emulate traditional southwest flair with a modern spin.


Cactus in clay pots, brown bottles
Bring life to your kitchen with plants! Fill terra-cotta pots with indigenous desert greenery such as small cactus and succulents.

Bones/Animal Skulls

Animal skull above white stove, wood floors, navajo rugs
Hanging animal skulls in the home is a long going tradition, especially in the Southwestern culture. Skulls represent protection, strength, and wisdom. Honor nature and desert wildlife by adding skulls and or bones to your decor.

Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee maker, hand made mug
There’s nothing quite like enjoying a hot cup of joe out of a thick ceramic mug on a cool desert morning. Sometimes the simple way is the better way. A pour over pot is a straight forward way to make your morning coffee. There’s no frills or electricity involved. All you need it water, a paper filter, and good grounds.


Kokopelli symbol on wooden spoons
Originally a native american graphic symbolizing fertility, the famous kokopelli gets a bad rap from its typical overuse in poorly decorated homes. The kokopelli can still be done tastefully, just don’t go overboard.

Cowboy Paraphernalia

Wood back horse shoe wine rack
What desert inspired kitchen would be complete without at least one piece of cowboy memorabilia? Old horseshoes, spurs, and ropes can easily be made into decorations or functional kitchen pieces. Don’t forget about the guitar for when you need to sing those blues.

Traditional Cookware

Mexican clay pot on wood surface
Handmade items are a large part of Southwestern culture. Think of large traditional pots as art pieces. Wether functional or solely for display, clay and copper pots are a great way to showcase some of the earth’s natural elements. Try making your next batch of molé in a hand crafted clay pot.

How do you add Southwestern flair to your kitchen?

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2016

Trends are sign posts of the times that swing and shift, they point in a specific direction and identify a general course. In 2016 we see an exciting broad range of kitchen remodeling trends that make life cleaner, simpler and more relaxed. Let your imagination run wild because the sky is no longer the limit when it comes to options. There are smart stations under cabinets, green appliances that save energy and money, and mind blowing organizational cabinetry designed to create the Zen in your kitchen that allows you to enjoy life to its fullest. We’ve identified some of the hottest trends that will help guide you as you embark on your remodeling adventure.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends in 2016


Think of cabinets as the bones or basic building blocks of your kitchen. Once you’ve made up your mind and settled on cabinet design and color, it’s easy to build a style around your choice. While shaker style cabinets and black and white are die-hard timeless trends, gray and muted tones have been taking a big lead in kitchen remodeling this year.

The use of subtle muted and slightly contrasting colors create calm and allows for more color and boldness with furniture, light fixtures, backsplash or accent walls.

Warm Colors


Rather than using a highly contrasting color palette, this kitchen in apricot tones immediately sets a warm cozy mood that feels inviting and begs you to linger in your favorite room of the house. Of course, good lighting and well lit cabinets are integral and help not only to create just the right environment but also let you see what you’re doing.

Smart & Sleek


Smart and sleek are key components to keep in mind when choosing just the right cabinet. Function is just as important as fashion in this tidy galley kitchen. Cabinets are constructed and placed to accommodate a natural flow of traffic. This orientation is perfect for integrating work and storage areas.



De-cluttering has become a huge trend, especially where square footage is limited. Pairing down and minimizing have become big business as well as the topic of many reality shows. There is no such thing as wasted space when it comes to kitchen remodeling ideas; corner drawers and lazy susans allow for optimum organization without all the clutter. Special pull out shelves hold everything from spice racks to wine bottles. There are even handy paper towel dispensers that fit nicely into recessed counter areas.

Built-In Storage


Customize cabinets to create space for all the gadgets you need. Deep drawers are specially designed to accommodate the kitchen essentials that you can’t do without. There are also drawers with storage built on a slant to perfectly house long wooden spoons or spatulas. Tuck your Kitchen-Aid mixer and Tupperware neatly into their own secluded spots. The best thing is that you now know exactly where to look when trying to retrieve that particular baking sheet you need.

Natural Elements


Incorporate natural elements from the environment to create an organic feel that also provides a welcomed respite from an austere office work space. This can be accomplished by using rich wood cabinets or hardware resembling river stones or sea shells. These small components make a big difference in creating the right vibe in your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends in 2016

Mix & Match


Mix and match is a unique new trend accomplished by contrasting different materials, textures and genres. This look, similar to Industrial Chic, involves layering and combining various components of design, such as rustic and polished. Two different materials can be used on top and bottom cabinets, such as laminate and wood, or top cabinets can simply be left exposed.

Vintage Pieces


The combination of vintage pieces and highly polished metals accented with exposed brick backsplashes and quartz countertops blend to create a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere. And although this look is considered trendy it will certainly have staying power and can be altered with various accessories.

Copper & Brass


Highly polished copper or brass hoods can be paired with a concrete counter top over two-toned wooden cabinets, backed with vintage subway tile and chunky reclaimed wooden planks that serve as exposed shelving. It’s both eclectic and functional.

Kitchen Island Trends in 2016


Kitchen islands are much more than a counter work space but a central congregational meeting space. Much attention has been given to this integral area in the kitchen. Islands have morphed into being the work horse in the kitchen, and are equipped to serve the varying needs of homeowners. There are spaces for everything from built in nooks for pets and their food and water dishes to extra seating areas for unexpected guests. They also have become a home base for docking smart technology for the entire family.

Integrated Storage


Islands are thoughtfully designed with well planned storage and can house appliances such as microwave ovens, warmers or the increasingly popular wine coolers. Split level wine refrigerators allows for proper storage of champagne, whites and reds.


Great features like this cutting board/trash chute perfectly illustrate how a kitchen island can be designed to suit the most intricate detail of your individual needs in the kitchen. Kitchen design is becoming seamless and making tasks and organization easier.

Splashes of Color


Since color schemes in the kitchen are leaning toward neutral, muted and gray tones, we now see splashes of color used on kitchen islands. You can let yourself go when it comes to planning your kitchen island. It can be the place where individuality emerges, especially if the rest of your kitchen is non-descript or monotone. An array of handmade tiles make this island an integral statement piece.

Kitchen Table Trends in 2016


Kitchen and dining tables have long been the hub of family life. Although they are utilitarian, they can be used to help create an environment that is comfortable and lends itself to conversation and relaxed enjoyment. For design sake it’s necessary to maintain continuity from the kitchen to the dining area, especially if they are in close proximity or in the same room. For this reason, you want to integrate similar or complimentary materials into your table space.

The Industrial Look


When kitchen islands are not present or possible, a dining room table may be used as an alternate workspace. As in the case with this industrial kitchen, a polished butcher block table fits perfectly with the clean contemporary lines of the cabinetry and compliments the hues in the dark wood flooring.

Formal & Tall


There’s been a definite trend toward more formal dining and taller tables, while still maintaining a relaxed and welcoming feel.

Kitchen Appliance Trends in 2016

Black Stainless Appliances


There’s a strong trend towards black stainless appliances that began in 2015 and is still popular. Will stainless appliances be replaced by this sophisticated look? It’s hard to tell, but they certainly have a charm and elegance all their own that make them highly desirable. Their dark color recedes and helps showcase surrounding cabinetry. What will soon become obsolete are appliances that waste energy and money. Next to cooling and heating, refrigerators are the biggest energy hogs in a home. In the long run it pays to upgrade to a newer model with a higher and more efficient energy rating.

As far as refrigerator models go, side by side refrigerators have seen a decline in popularity. Consumers instead are preferring models that have freezer placement at the bottom and refrigeration on top.

Niche Appliances


Niche appliances like induction cooktops and steam ovens are a fast growing trend for many who value the importance of healthier eating. Vegetables, rice and fish can be prepared seamlessly and without much fuss. According to Forbes, kitchens of the future are “ready for a hi-tech makeover.” Designers Lockhart and Drury predict that the focus for kitchens will be on “convenience for families on the go via accessible smart appliances and state of the art appliances from steam ovens to built-in coffee machines.”

Induction Stovetops


Built-In Coffee Machines


Early morning jaunts to Starbuck’s are a thing of the past with built in espresso stations that offer the convenience of handcrafted cappuccino in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Kitchen Sink Trends in 2016

Farmhouse Sinks


Farmhouse Sinks continue to be recognized as a hot trend in 2016 and bring a feeling of nostalgia. They are meant for people who spend time in their kitchens and come in a variety of materials from porcelain and fire clay to copper and cast iron. They are utilitarian and add an eclectic industrial feel to the design of any kitchen. They are installed to sit just a few inches lower than countertops so that water can easily be wiped right off the counters and into the sink.

These working sinks allow large skillets and stock pots to be placed inside and allow for maximum maneuverability for prep and wash.

Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2016



Quartz is definitely leading over granite as the hottest trend for countertops in 2016. While the ever popular granite is still widely used, quartz has won many homeowners over for several reasons. It’s easier to keep clean, more resistant to staining and wins in durability and heat resistance tests. With quartz, chips and scratches aren’t really a concern, and unlike granite, there is no need for sealing. Overall, it makes a great choice in kitchen remodeling and adds an elegant finish to any home. The most attractive feature is-it’s less expensive than granite.

Kitchen Color & Texture Trends in 2016


Ali Morris of Interior Design magazine says, “As modern life gets busier and more pressured, our homes become our sanctuaries. Centered around simplicity, serenity and seamlessness, the 2016 interior reflects our need to switch off and detox. Warm but calming colors are complimented by natural textures and soft shapes while furniture is becoming ever more tailored and intuitive.” Roughness, grime, and texture are key design elements that continue to captivate the attention of architects and designers alike in 2016.

Rose Quartz & Blue Serenity


Pantone, the global authority on color selected two colors for their 2016 Color of the Year forecast-pastel pink Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity. Grays are moving to lighter, softer tones. The wall below from ingeniously used rose quartz to texture this kitchen wall to give it a soft, rich Tuscan patina.



Copper is King in the kitchen. Accent with copper fixtures, hardware or ventilation hood. The photo above used copper piping to construct shelving above a sink. Note all the different design elements in this kitchen-contrasting the marble counter with the gritty unfinished wall and copper accents. Rose gold, gold and brass are equally being sought after for their warm appeal.



Yes, this is wall paper! What do you do if you want that cool revamped warehouse look and you live on the 24th floor of a brand new high rise? Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek has developed wallpaper that mimics architectural materials such as painted bricks, marble and salvaged wood. Eek’s tromp l’oeil effect is nothing short of brilliant and completely alters the ambience of any space. It sure beats flowers and stripes, and I can’t imagine any of these wallpaper designs becoming tiresome.

“Instant aging of materials and adding texture and depth to a space always helps add to the experience,” says Jon Sherman Founder & Creative Director of Brooklyn-based wallpaper company Flavor Paper, who predicts that “papers that mimic industrial finishes will be big news in 2016”.


There are endless ideas on how to incorporate new Pantone colors of the year into your kitchen space. This kitchen used serenity blue in the backsplash and it added character and sense of cheerfulness.

Kitchen Flooring Trends in 2016

Luxury Vinyl


Remodeling requires much thought and often homeowners go for eye candy rather than practicality. Luxury vinyl almost seems like a contradiction of terms but you’d have to get down on all fours to tell the difference. This flooring material just keeps getting better and it’s still the most comfortable to walk on. If you spend any time at all in the kitchen, you know this is a big plus.



Decorative Concrete is still a major contender when it comes to flooring, and its appeal is obvious. It can be overlaid, stained, scored, textured or stamped. Its durability makes it a great option for high traffic areas and there are limitless effects that are absolutely stunning.



Hardwood will always be a favorite and according to, the clearest trend is a move toward an authentic “old world look”. Highly polished and flawless floors are lagging behind vintage styles that reproduce nostalgic looks of the past. Reclaimed Wood is highly sought after and eco-friendly. This wood has been sourced from old antique flooring or logs and timber from lakes and rivers is packed with a character and charm all its own.

Top Hardware Styles To Pair With Your Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets offer a simple and traditional design. Versatility is a large part of what makes them so timeless. Ultimately, you achieve the vibe you’re going for through the finishing touches, one of those being the hardware you choose. We’ve selected some of the top hardware styles for shaker cabinets, and what looks they will bring to your kitchen.


CLASSIC – ceramic knobs

white tile wall, light gray cabinets, kitchen island, wood floors, white ceramic knobs and pulls white ceramic knob with black pattern

Ceramic knobs bring such charm to your kitchen. They’re reminiscent of a sweet country cottage, or an old world farm house. It’s not hard to imagine the scent of a freshly baked pie or loaf of bread cooling in the window. Ceramic knobs pair quite nicely with natural wood finishes and glass hutch cabinets. Wether you choose plain white or a funky pattern, ceramic knobs give your kitchen a homey flair.


ELEGANT – glass knobs

glass shaker cabinets, glass knobs, white tile backsplashgray background, glass knob hardware


Add elements of grace and style with glass or crystal knobs. Mimicking a french perfume bottle or an old fashioned whiskey decanter, glass knobs bring a delicate sophistication to your cabinets.


SIMPLE- brass/nickel knobs


gray shaker cabinets, NICKEL KNOBS, white subway tiles

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it conventional. Brass and nickel knobs are one of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware. Complement stainless steel appliances and industrial style lighting with this uncomplicated choice of hardware.


MODERN – tubular bar pulls

white shaker cabinets with TUBULAR BAR PULLS, stainless steel hood and pendant lighting gray background, tubular bar pulls


If you’re looking for a more contemporary approach, tubular bars seem to be a favorite of the future. The current design couples beautifully with darker finishes and larger tiles. Tubular bars can also be used horizontally or vertically, and can be as long or short as you like. Go with a shorter bar for a more modest appeal, or make a statement with longer ones.


SLEEK – flat bar pulls


navy drawers, gold flat bar pulls

Flat bar pulls are a trendy addition to your shaker cabinets. They’re both smooth and sharp, pairing nicely with other square edges amongst your kitchen. Choose flat bar pulls to enhance light or dark cabinets, marble counter tops, and intricate tile.


VINTAGE- bin pulls

gray shaker cabinets and drawers, brass bin pulls and knobs

Something you might find in the offices of the mad men era, bin pulls are a fashionable hardware choice for your kitchen cabinets. Old fashioned yet modern, there’s an appeal we can’t deny. Bin pulls are also perfect for blending different hardware styles together, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!


RETRO – latches

navy shaker cabinets, marble counter top, brass LATCH hardware gray back ground, antique brass latch hardware


Pulling design from old pharmacies and soda fountains, latch hardware is that without a doubt a nostalgic throwback. Maybe not the most functional if you’re in a hurry, but handy if you’re looking for a little extra security from pets or children. Latches are another hardware type that can easily be mixed and matched, so maybe just keep them to the lesser used cabinets.


INDUSTRIAL – pulls with exposed screws

satin nickel pull with exposed screws

Pulls with exposed screws are functional and stylish, for the hipster in you. Combine this hardware with other raw features such as exposed brick and stainless steel appliances for an industrial chic edge.


Which hardware would you pair with your shaker cabinets?


Looking For Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration

Why sacrifice your valued outdoors time to be cooped up indoors on a sunny day? Below are some of our favorite outdoor kitchens that are much more than just a grill.

When you think about it, cooking outside is pretty primal, maybe that’s why we find it so enjoyable. Humans are actually the only species on earth that cooks, and cooking with fire (A.K.A. grilling or barbecuing) usually means a gathering of friends and family. You may love to cook, but what’s the point if it means you’re separated from your company cooped up in a hot, stuffy kitchen? These impressive outdoor kitchens turn cooking into part of the fun, and break down the barrier between the grill master and the guests.


stainless cabinets and sink in shed, pineapple.jpg

1. This inventive kitchen looks as though it was previously an under used closet or tool shed. If your yard is on the smaller side, this is a clever way to create a functional outdoor workspace. Despite being compact it offers efficient storage and adequate surface area that’s great for prepping veggies and herbs.


stone floor, wood covering, mosaic tile wall, stainless appliances

2. No more running back and forth between the kitchen and the grill! Authentic and spacious, this covered outdoor kitchen combines rustic materials with newer appliances. The vibrant mosaic tiles and natural stone balance out the cool stainless steel. Sometimes we avoid experimenting in the kitchen purely because of the potential mess. Outdoor kitchens are ideal for messy projects because they’re constructed of such easy-to- clean materials. With everything you need at hand, this outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to get creative.


outdoor kitchen, black panels, wood counter top, hanging lights

3. Black panels offset by warm, natural wood and brass bulb fixtures make this outdoor kitchenette an industrial chic dream. Plenty of overhead coverage creates a comfortable and enticing place to relax and whip up your favorite recipes by day, while appropriate lighting makes sure your party won’t be cut short come nightfall. Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer evenings cooking on the gas stove of this beautiful outdoor kitchen?


covered outdoor kitchen, grill, bar seating, TV, trees

4. A larger outdoor kitchen such as this one provides plenty of space for entertaining. You’ll have everyone clamoring for an invite to your next Super Bowl bash. Bust out the margarita machine and invite your rowdiest of guests!


enclosed wood bar, stools, door out to yard

5. This humble, open air dining space is the ideal area to enjoy meal with family or an intimate group. Large windows swing open for cool breezes to waft smells away to your jealous neighbors. If the weather takes a turn no need to be disappointed here, with the windows dropped down and a roof over your head you can enjoy the benefits of an indoor and outdoor kitchen wrapped into one!


white kitchen bar, black stools, outside sitting area with white couch

6. Although technically inside, this house seamlessly unites the gorgeous patio with the kitchen, keeping the home tranquil and breezy. This is the perfect environment for an elegant cocktail party with passed Hor d’oeuvres, where guests can enter in and out as they please.

Which outdoor kitchen is your favorite?

Which Kitchen Sink Basin Is Right For You?

Selecting the right kitchen sink is an important decision with many choices to make along the way; What material do you want the sink be? Should the edges be rounded or straight? What kind of faucet attachments are going to make your life easier? One of the very first steps is to determine which style of basin you’ll benefit from. What it truly comes down to, is personal preference. However, there is still a lot to consider, so we’ve done some of the thinking for you. Below are a few points that will help you decide which basin is best suited for your lifestyle.

First things first, you’ll need to decide if a topmounting sink or an undermounting sink is right for you. Each style has its pros and cons:

Topmounting vs Undermounting

Undermounting vs topmounting stainless steel sinks


A top, or self mounting sink basin is more cost effective and much easier to install. Topmounting sinks also allow for more under-the-sink storage space.

Downside: Overlapping lip allows for buildup of dirt and debris over time.


Ideal for solid counter materials such as granite or marble, this style is installed below the counter with a supportive structure to hold it in place. With no overlapping lip, undermounting sinks offer a more fluid design and easier clean up, which in turn makes them more sanitary.

Downside: Less cost effective, and harder to install.

Single Bowl

single basin kitchen sink marble countertops

A single bowl can be favorable in terms of space when performing one task. If you’re looking to have numerous tasks going at once, you may benefit from multiple basins. If you do choose a single bowl there are many kitchen sink accessories that can afford you more space when performing specific tasks.

Double Basin

double basin kitchen sinkwater running artichokes

For those who own fragile dish ware that is not dishwasher safe, a double basin may benefit you. Double basins are perfect for washing delicate materials such as crystal or china. The design is perfect for using one side of the sink to soap up and the other to rinse, making clean up easier and more efficient than with a single basin sink.

A double basin sink can also go one of two ways; the basins can be equal in size or offset. The pros of an offset sink (commonly referred to as 60/40 proportion) are that it gives you the flexibility of still having two compartments, but including enough space to wash pots and pans in the larger basin. If you’re a freak for symmetry, an equal sink (or 50/50 sink) will work just fine, but you may end up having to soak oversized dishes on the counter. Again, this just comes down to personal preference.


Triple Basin


stainless triple basin square edge kitchen sink

Triple basin sinks are not the most popular design, but they do come with their own list of positives. The purpose of the small, middle compartment is to keep the garbage disposal independent from the two larger basins on either sides. This way you can access the garbage disposal even if you’ve got both basins filled with dishes. Triple basins are a great way to keep food prep, cleaning, and waste separate.

Which style of basin will benefit you the most?


5 Scandinavian Design Ideals to Incorporate Into Your Kitchen

What is it about Scandinavian design that’s so timeless? The modern and cozy contrast that Nordic influence offers has consistently been appealing. There’s no doubt that we have an undying attraction to the combination of function and fashion, and what better place to apply this principal than in the kitchen? Below are a few pointers on how to ele-gantly incorporate design techniques from the masters of minimalism, and make your kitchen the most inviting room in the house.

1. Open It Up

Concrete floored kitchen, white tile, island, hanging chair

Become a minimalist. Clear out your space and flood it with natural light. Ambient light never fails to keep the environment peaceful and positive, even when its overcast. This industrial chic kitchen perfectly demonstrates how to keep it clean and practical without sacrificing comfort. Notice how the furnishings are non-intrusive and nothing is over the top or distracting. Shelving is most often done in an open style and cabinets are likely to be smooth surfaced without hardware or knobs. It’s all about expanding the space!

2. Cool, Muted Tones

Hexagonal tile back splash, kitchen sink, white fridge, floating shelves

Neutral tones are soothing to the senses. They aid in making the room appear larger while also reflecting sun light. This tactic leaves no room for gloomy days. Let the base of the room be neutral, but don’t be afraid to strategically add lively accents and pops of electric color.

3. Elements of Nature

Wood table with potted plant, black cabinets, copper pots and fixture

Freezing temps force Scandinavians indoors many months out of the year. The solution? Capture as much of the outdoors as possible and bring it inside. One of the most favora-ble materials used for flooring is wood. Wood is a natural, living and breathing source that keeps the environment cozy and insulated. Another important element is greenery. Plants literally improve your health. No matter how big or small, they keep your home fresh by absorbing carbon monoxide and purifying the air.

4. Quality Items

Kitchen-grey open shelves, wood cutting boards on counter

Keep kitchen accessories to a minimum, and make the items you do own count. The idea is to let less be more. Don’t let knick-knacks accumulate over time. Hold off on that discount set of dishes and spend a little more on the sturdy, well made brand that will offer longevity. Instead of buying endless bargain pots and pans, save for that cast iron skillet that will last you a lifetime. Spend a little more up front to ultimately spend far less over time. Skip the synthetics and get in the habit of purchasing authentic items made from true materials. Peruse farmers markets and local vendors to find hand made, one of a kind items for your kitchen.

5. Add Textures

Wood table with teal finish, black candles, and black chair with sheep skin

Since furniture should be minimal and sleek, bump up the level of comfort by adding area rugs, pillows, throws, or even a plush sheepskin like the one pictured in this charming dining room above. Fill the room with things that make your kitchen the perfect place to unwind and spend time with loved ones.

How have you created a mix of function and fashion in your kitchen?