Don’t Start Your Bathroom Remodel Before Doing This One Thing

Kelly Wearstler for Ann Sacks Maven Tiled Bathroom with Bathtub
What’s your personal aesthetic? Have you ever thought about it? Even though we love following what’s trendy and #trending, what’s in right now may be completely different from your personal aesthetic: i.e., your guidelines to what you find inherently attractive, beautiful, and compelling. Why is it important to identify your aesthetic? Because it will drive the process by which you design, remodel, and shape a cohesive atmosphere for your home. It will help make your space feel like YOU, season after season.

Take tile for example. Already in 2016, designers have unveiled an incredible array of options beyond your basic ceramic subway tile, including porcelain, stone, glass, concrete, and even leather variations. Tile, for some reason, makes me ridiculously happy; I could spend hours browsing online selections for my dream home. And, since the singularly most eye-catching change you can make to give your bathroom an instant refresh is installing new tiles, let’s start there.

Replacing tiles can instantly transform a space, yet it’s often overwhelming to make such a permanent decision. On top of that, picking cabinets to match can be even more daunting. Below, we broke down personal aesthetic into three general categories and paired a favorite KCK bathroom cabinet style with each one.

1. Classic, Clean, Timeless

Curved stone mosaic tile, black and white hexagonal stone tile, small hexagonal white marble tile, vintage glass pearl small square tile
(Clockwise, from left): Walker Zanger Tangent Calacata, Walker Zanger Rue Pierre Blanc, Walker Zanger Bianca Europa Calacata, Vintage Glass Pearl Matte

If you invest in fashion basics and staples, cherish a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations, and seek out similarly timeless pieces when shopping, these tiles are probably perfect for you. Note the stone and glass materials which are extremely classic. Also, the stone options have a honed finish, which means the surface has been ground to be super smooth, not matte, but not in-your-face shiny either. Can’t get fresher than that.

A Cabinet Match in Heaven? The crisp, sleek lines of our Gramercy White bathroom cabinets complement the traditional yet minimalistic look of this tile selection. Plus, a monochromatic bathroom in layered, varying shades of white is positively chic.

2. Strong, Bold, Edgy

Graphic black and white striation tile, blue and black dot motif tile, grey and white woven striation tile, textured charcoal line pattern tile
(Clockwise, from left): Solstice II, Ojai, Woven, Islander (All Maven by Kelly Wearstler)

These are not for the faint of heart. Chances are if they caught your eye, you tend to use your wardrobe to express yourself, fill your Pinterest board with abstract and sophisticated looks, and confidently take risks. A master bathroom or powder room is the perfect space to make a lasting impression with these textured tiles.

The Contemporary Cabinet Counterpart? The Thompson Midnight bathroom cabinet is the ideal foil for these tiles because the recessed birch door lends a transitional look which directly contrasts with the contemporary designs. The black finish is similarly sleek and chic.

3. Ornate, Colorful, Nature-inspired

Navy and white ceramic flower pattern tile, rustic Italian inspired organic patterned tile, geometric Moroccan inspired green, navy blue, and white tile, Asian and nature inspired black and white flower mosaic tile
(Clockwise, from left): Made A Mano Novocento, Ann Sacks Ceramica Pintada Field, Cement Tile Shop Casablanca Green, Raku Flower Mosaic

Are you a world traveler who is constantly bringing mementos of your journeys back home? These tiles are reminiscent of geometric Moroccan motifs, Asian pottery, and rustic Italian villa flooring. They’re striking in an organic, almost vintage way.

The Cabinet Soulmate? I’d love to see the Brownstone collection paired with any of these tiles. Brown goes wonderfully with navy, an anchor color in many of the options. The rich finish of the wood and beautiful molding is complementary to the almost historical feeling of the tile designs. Plus, the bottom left black flower mosaic pattern would look killer with the Brownstone bathroom cabinets. Brown and black are both neutrals and therefore can look amazing paired together. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

While these aesthetics aren’t exhaustive, deciding which styles you’re drawn to will steer your remodeling project in a clear and consistent direction that’s uniquely you. Which one do you most closely identify with? We’re fascinated to hear!

Top Tips for Transforming Your Bathroom into a Spa

Whether you’ve recently returned from a day at the spa and want to recreate the experience or you are simply looking for an affordable retreat in the comfort of your home, the staff at Kitchen Cabinet Kings offers their expert tips for transforming your bathroom into a space to unwind and feel truly pampered.


White Spa Towels
One of the most enjoyable parts of any spa experience really comes down to the towels. Ever notice how fluffy and plush spa towels are? By swapping out your old and worn out bathroom accessories for an upgraded version, you will automatically feel more at ease and cozy. If you want to take your towels to the next level, you can even spring for towel warmers, which will add an extra layer of toastiness and comfort.


Soothing Blue Bathroom Spa
Studies have shown that paint colors can really have a dramatic impact on your mood and state of mind. When trying to achieve a spa-like atmosphere in your home, consider painting your bathroom a soothing shade of blue, grey, or white. Not only will your bathroom look bright and clean with a fresh coat of paint, you will feel transported to a spa whenever you admire your new wall color.

Dim Lighting

Dim Bathroom Spa LightingOne of the key elements of an authentic spa is its use of calming lighting. To really sit back and unwind, consider installing a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting to suit your needs. The minute you dim the lights, you will forget all your worries and it will set the stage for a long, luxurious soak in the bath tub or a meditation session. You can also throw in some soft instrumental music to transport yourself.


Bathtub with Candles
A great way to set the right ambiance and create a multisensory experience is through the use of different candles. Not only is glowing light incredibly relaxing and beautiful, you can also opt for scented candles that smell like eucalyptus, spearmint, rosemary, which will engage all the senses. Along with these rejuvenating options, you should also consider lavender and chamomile candles since these scents are designed to ease you into slumber and relax you through and through.


Bathroom Spa Storage
An easy way to transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis is by decluttering the room and keeping all surface areas clean and organized. Rather than tripping over a basket of magazines and getting tangled in blow dryer wires, you can reserve your countertops for nothing more than incense, candles, and a pitcher of cucumber-infused chilled water.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom and turn it into the spa retreat you’ve always dreamed of, we are here to help. For free 3D kitchen design advice, useful tips, and limitless resources, fill out this design form and we will reach out to show your our inventory of bathroom cabinetry and work with you to convert your bathroom into the perfect escape from all of life’s stresses and worries.

Top Bathroom Colors in 2015

Marsala Colored Bathroom

At Kitchen Cabinet Kings, we are always on the hunt for the latest trends and inspirations that will take ordinary cabinets and turn them into the kind that are truly fit for royalty. Ask any interior designer, inspired homeowner, or decor-enthusiast and they will tell you that the right color scheme can truly take any space and elevate it to new heights. When it comes to the bathroom, there are many different options when choosing the aesthetic that suits you best. Whether you prefer something more utilitarian, inventive, timeless, or creative, there is a color out there that can help you achieve your vision. If you would like to learn more about what’s trending now, read on to find out about the top bathroom colors of 2015.


Greige Color Swatch

If you want your bathroom to have a minimalistic feel, a blend of grey and beige is your best bet. A combination of these neutral colors is a look that will never go out of style and is guaranteed to flatter a room of any size, since using light colors plays a trick on the eye and creates the illusion of more space.


Marsala Color Swatch

As the Pantone color of the year, Marsala is not just a trendy pick for 2015, but one that will give your bathroom a hint of sophistication. This rich hue is Earthy, warm, and inviting for both family members and guests.

Dark Grey

Dark Grey Color Swatch


If you want to give your bathroom a bit of drama and unexpected edge, painting a wall or two dark can provide a fun pop of color that will give your bathroom a modern feel. What was once frowned upon has now become more commonplace, as decorators are taking risks and making bolder choices.


Turquoise Color Swatch

For clients looking to give their room a nautical feel, shades of blue are always the best bet. One color that we see becoming more popular throughout 2015 is turquoise, since it is both flattering and easy to blend with other shades of blue and green.


Citrus Color Swatch

If you are decorating a child’s bathroom or just want to inject some brightness and energy into the space, citrus colors are an excellent choice. Rather than painting every wall a shade of yellow, brighten up one accent wall and balance that out with other neutral shades; that way your bathroom will look cheerful without feeling overwhelming.

If you are in the midst of decorating your bathroom and not sure which paint color to go with, the staff at Kitchen Cabinet Kings is here to help. Simply fill out this contact form and we will reach out to answer all your questions and help you choose the bathroom color that not only reflects the trends of 2015, but suits your personal taste, vision and needs as well. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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How to Plan for a Doorless Shower

Modern Gray Bathroom with Doorless Shower

There’s no doubt that the next big trend for your bathroom remodel is an doorless shower. By ditching shower doors and curtains, you can open up the area, make the room feel larger, and instantly turn any bathroom into a luxurious space. However, creating a doorless shower requires more work than just removing the curtain. Without proper planning, the project may create more work that you’re able to handle.

Plan for Extra Moisture

You’d be surprised how much steam your shower door or curtain traps. As a result, you’ll need to think about the effect all that extra water vapor will have on the other materials in your bathroom. Make sure that all the materials will be able to handle it. Additionally, if you haven’t yet, now is the time to install a powerful bathroom fan.

Plan for Splashed Water

It’s difficult to keep water contained in a small area. Ideally, you’ll have 6 feet of space for the shower floor. However, you can still have an doorless shower in a smaller space if you use divider walls appropriately or if you the entire bathroom floor toward the drain.

Plan out Your Drain

With doorless showers, you’ll need to make sure that the water drains appropriately. Otherwise, it may spill out into the rest of the bathroom. Not to mention, standing water is a great way to slip and fall in what was suppose to be your luxury bathroom. Work with your contractor to make sure that your drain also meets local plumbing code requirements.

Plan for Less Privacy

Doorless showers may not be the best choice for large families. After all, no one else will be able to use the bathroom without the person showering being completely exposed. You can mitigate that problem with some walls, but they pretty much defeat the point of a doorless shower.

Plan for a Loss of Heat

Just like a shower door traps steam, it also traps heat. Once you switch to a doorless shower, much of that heat will be lost. Heated floors and towel racks can help combat some of that. If you have windows in the bathroom, make sure to have a professional energy auditor check them out for heat loss; otherwise, you may be freezing during cold winter months.

While a doorless shower does take a bit of work to create, most designers argue that the effort is worth it. After all, you’ll have a dream bathroom that will be the envy of the neighborhood afterwards.

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The Great Bathroom Tile Debate: Marble vs. Porcelain

Marble Vs. Porcelain Bathroom Tile Floor
Marble is more popular than ever in bathrooms, and this shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, marble is versatile and beautiful. However, it can also be incredibly expensive. Because of the high cost, more designers are cautioning homeowners that porcelain tile might be a better option. After all, marble may be elegant, but it isn’t perfect.

Stain resistance

Most people associate stains with just food and drink, but that’s an oversimplification. Hair dye, cosmetics, and even some lotions have the ability to stain porous surfaces, and marble is very porous. Properly sealing the marble every six months can mitigate this problem, but it won’t eliminate it. Additionally, higher quality marble is likely, but not guaranteed, to be less porous.

Tile, on the other hand, is far less porous. This isn’t to say tile can’t stain too, but it’s significantly more difficult. Rather, it’s the grout lines of porcelain tile that are more at risk to absorb color. Again, the way to avoid this is through proper sealing.

Rust Avoidance

It may sound strange, but some marble can rust. This is because of the iron content in the stone. When the iron concentration is high enough, the marble can start to rust after it’s been exposed to water. This is especially a problem in bathrooms; after all, it won’t take long for water exposure to happen in a room with showers, sinks, tubs, and toilets.

At the beginning, the rust on marble looks like yellow patches. This yellowing can frequently be removed, but it will likely come back. Higher quality marble is considered less likely to rust. Porcelain tile, on the other hand, cannot rust.


Don’t assume that rock is harder than porcelain tile. Sure, while porcelain dishes aren’t known for withstanding heavy forces, porcelain tile is. Drop things all you want because this flooring will be hard to break. Marble isn’t exactly a pushover, but it is significantly softer than porcelain tile. After all, it’s this soft quality that makes marble the perfect material for statues.


Marble is significantly rarer than the materials needed to make porcelain tile. Additionally, mining it can leave a rather large carbon footprint behind. That’s not to say that a home with marble is automatically stamped as not being eco-friendly, but it is wise to do some research on the supplier you’re considering.

If you’re dead set on marble, then there’s probably no alternative that can give you exactly the same look. Just be ready for a lot more maintenance than other bathroom flooring options bring.

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8 Tips For Your Tiny Bathroom Problems

Tiny Bathroom

Everyone wants a bathroom that sends them into a relaxing state of peace and tranquility, but serenity can be hard to find when you feel like a sardine. Most luxury bathrooms tend to be large hitting upwards of 120 square feet. Most real world bathrooms, on the other hand, frequently have just 40 square feet. However, just because your bathroom is may be a third of the size doesn’t mean it can only have a third of the style and function.

1. A Large Mirror

Nothing gives the illusion of more space quite like a mirror that spans the full length of the bathroom wall. To go the extra mile, get a mirror that is backlit; it creates warmth and is practical. If you’re on a tight budget, however, consider installing a plain mirror and frame it yourself with door kits available at home improvement stores.

2. The Pedestal Sink

If storage maximization isn’t a huge need, go with a pedestal sink. Besides looking great, the small footprint doesn’t consume valuable floor space.

3. Customized Cabinets and Counter Tops

If you absolutely must have a vanity in your bathroom, then have one custom designed to fit your space and needs. For instance, consider shallow cabinets and a sink that hangs over the edge; you’ll still have the needed storage space will a minimal footprint.

4. Glass Sliding Shower Doors

A shower curtain, while attractive, cuts your bathroom in half. Glass sliding doors make the room look larger while not taking up as much floor space as swinging shower doors. For extra space saving, hang towels on the shower door. If you absolutely must have a shower curtain, then choose a lighter colored fabric with a big pattern.

5. Extra Light Fixtures

Light makes a room look bigger. Start by upgrading the light fixtures around the sink, then have a ceiling fixture installed. Buy fixtures that are bold and make a statement; it really helps upgrade the look of the room without breaking the budget.

6. Install a Barn Door

Barn doors aren’t just for farm animals anymore. Besides saving space, they add charm to any bathroom. Consider painting yours a contrasting color for extra pizazz.

7. Paint

White walls, unless your bathroom has a minimalist design, tend to be drab. Remember, painting is easy, so go with something brave. If you end up hating it, you can just paint again. However, remember that dark colors tend to make a room look smaller.

8. Rethink Decor

It’s common to place vases, pictures, and other ornaments in bathrooms to create a palace of peace, but those embellishments take up valuable real estate. Instead, choose cabinets and fixtures that double as works of art.

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3 Fun Ideas to Creating the Perfect Teenage Girl Bathroom

Parents who share a bathroom with their teenage daughter know what a challenge it can be to get their fair share of bathroom time in the morning. Their daughter might spend a lot of time in this room showering, doing her hair and makeup, and getting dressed each morning, leaving only a few moments for her parents to get cleaned up before they have to go to work. When her mom and dad have reached their breaking point and decide to add another bathroom onto the house, they may wonder how they can foster her enthusiasm at having her own private bathroom. Using these remodeling and decoration ideas, they can create the ideal bathroom that every teenage girl dreams about having for her own.

Pink Teenage Girl Bathroom

Use Her Favorite Colors

As they prepare to paint the walls or hang wallpaper in their daughter’s new bathroom, her mom and dad might wonder what colors to use for this task. Rather than spend time consulting a sales associate or browsing colors in a catalog, they can use their daughter’s favorite colors for this purpose. If they know that she likes pink and purple, for example, they can paint the walls one color while hanging a complementary border in the other hue. Seeing her favorite colors in her bathroom will make the daughter more likely to claim this new addition to the home as her own.

Include Fun or Stylish Bathroom Fixtures

Few teens will be eager to use ordinary and uniform bathroom fixtures like plain steel faucets or stainless steel sink handles. When they want their daughter to enjoy using this room and take some pride in keeping it clean and usable, her mom and dad should invest in stylish and fun fixtures like painted porcelain handles, curved faux gold faucets, and even a waterfall shower head for her shower stall or bathtub. When she sees that her bathroom has some style and fun convenience, their daughter will want to use this bathroom instead of her parents’.

Add Fun Designs and Accessories

The ideal teenage girl bathroom should include plenty of whimsical and fun designs and accessories for her delight and enjoyment. A mom and dad can paint flowers, swirls, stars, and other patterns on the room’s painted cabinetry. They can also install colorful lighting covers, hang bright bath towels, and lay colorful carpeting to finish the fun teenage look.

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6 Open Bathroom Layout Ideas

Remember that trend of open bathroom layouts in hotels in the early 2000′s? While it may be sexy on a romantic vacation, open bathrooms aren’t so convenient when you’re bunking with your family or trying to shave your legs on a business trip. But, who doesn’t secretly love walking around sans towel after a relaxing shower or bath? It’s just one of those little joys of life.

Open Bathroom With Bare Mirror, Old-Fashioned Bathtub, and Natural Plants
Enter the home open bath layout. By transforming your bathroom into an open, airy space you just might spend a little more time on self-care and relaxation at home and not just while on vacation. Investing in a freestanding bathtub will only add to the spa retreat-vibe and tranquility of the room. The space is actually incredibly simple. With a bare mirror, old-fashioned tub, and beautifully natural plants, the room is the perfect inspiration for a low-cost bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Without Doors Next To Dining Room
Surprise! The bathroom above doesn’t have doors; instead the tub is in the same room as the dining table, as well as the bedroom (see the bed in the back on the right?) While not everyone might not be as comfortable with this type of setup, it’s worth thinking about combining your master bathroom and bedroom by knocking out a wall, especially if your bath already feels claustrophobic.

Bathroom With Glass Walls, Architectural White Bathtub, and Striated Marble Vanity Cabinets
Here’s a luxe option in Shanghai. The key elements here include an architectural white bathtub, glass everywhere, and beautifully striated marble walls and cabinets.

Completely See-through Bathroom
The awe-factor here is to the max; the bathroom is completely see-through, which visually expands the entire room and injects a sense of excitement to often mundane routines.

Bathroom Surrounded By Forest
This bathroom surrounded by the forest is unbelievably stunning. The shape of the bathtub is organic, it’s oblong shape reminiscent of an egg. The raw stone on the wall complements the woodsy feel. This isn’t a bathroom for rushing out of the house early in the morning; it’s all about slowing down and enjoying life.

Penthouse Bathroom With 360 Degree Windows and Cityscape View
The opposite of the bathtub in the forest, this penthouse bathroom capitalizes on a wealth of natural light and an arresting cityscape. Beauty is irony here; the 360 degree windows and height provide anonymity rather than intrusion. The oversized tub looks heavenly.

Would you try an open bathroom layout for your home or invest in a bathtub? Remember, the only area that actually needs a wall is the toilet; NO ONE else needs to see that but you!

(Photos via Gardenista, Design Milk, Danelon Meroni, Architectural Digest)

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Summon Spring with Seven DIY Bathroom Projects

The first official day of Spring is here – March 20th! Yet, this week on the East Coast we’re still being hit by snowstorm after snowstorm. You might feel hopeless, resigned, and even a little depressed, like many of us are after the longest winter in years. While we can’t change the weather, we can make little DIY changes in our homes to summon sunny days and positive thinking! Let’s start with the bathroom today….

1. A Statement-Making Wallpaper

Flower Bloom Wallpaper
This incredible wallpaper instantly produces a “wow” factor for this tiny powder room. The vivacious flower blooms are full of life and would look beautiful paired with either traditional vanities or juxtaposed with modern fixtures.

Time needed for DIY: One fun weekend!

2. Washi Tape Patterns

Washi Tape Patterns
Washi tape is a versatile Japanese tape that has an infinite amount of uses. Here, you can use matte black tape or another color to create a quick visual pattern on your plain bathroom walls. If you’re a renter, it’s convenient for removal too.

Time needed for DIY: Less than one hour to measure and tape. Black tape and pretty colors/patterns here.

3. Nautical Rope Shelves

Nautical Rope Shelves
This DIY was originally meant for the kitchen, but I usually find powder rooms to be small and lacking convenient shelving. If you manage to find blue and white striped rope, it would go beautifully with a nautically themed bathroom (think anchor or life-saver on the wall, a seagrass bathmat, etc.) These shelves would be perfect to display lotions, decorate soaps, and scented soy candles.

Time needed for DIY: About two hours.

4. Heart Bath Bombs

Heart Bath Bombs
Few things are more relaxing than soaking in a bath on a cold blustery day. Craft these sweet-as-can-be Epsom salt bath bombs on your next snow day and then display daintily in a spare teacup saucer.

Time needed for DIY: Overnight (to allow bombs to dry)

5. Rubber-dipped Toothbrush

Rubber Dipped Toothbrush
Toothbrushes are one of the ugliest bathroom essentials! I always try to hide mine in a cabinet. Display a few beautiful and eco-friendly wooden toothbrushes (they are biodegradable!) in a simple glass for overnight guests. Since the wood is porous and susceptible to mold, dip the bottom of the brush in bright colors of Plasti-Dip to prevent grime. When you’re ready to throw the brush out, simply peel the rubber off.

Time needed for DIY: 30 minutes to create your own colors, dip brushes, and let dry.

6. Spring Cleaning for Bathroom Drawers

Organized Bathroom Drawer
De-clutter your drawers with simple plastic dividers found just about practically anywhere. Add a touch of glam by spray-painting the dividers gold, and separating your cosmetics and toiletries by category.

Time needed for DIY: 15 minutes for spray painting and drying.

7. Chic Gallery Wall

Chic Gallery Wall
Great for a powder room. Since you’re working with such a small space, pick a simple theme and stick to it. Here, black and white framed photos are highlighted and arranged in different sizes and shapes for an effortless look.

Time needed for DIY: Depends on if you already have pre-framed art around the house and need to arrange, or are actually framing photos yourself.

Will you be trying out any of these DIY projects this week? What are your quick tips for refreshing your bathroom!

(Photos via Cupcakes & Cashmere, Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Cupcakes & Cashmere, BHG)

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Remodeling Vintage Bathrooms: Making the Best of a Small Situation

Colorful Tile BathroomIf you’ve recently bought an older house as a starter home, because of downsizing, or as a future retirement nest, you’ve probably already discovered one not-so-charming feature of vintage architecture: Small, cramped, dark and inadequate bathrooms.

Next to a state-of-the-art kitchen, an upgraded bath is the single most important improvement that will not only make life more comfortable, but also lure future buyers and add instant value to your home. Whether you plan to hire a contractor or do most of the work yourself, remodeling a bath is a time consuming and expensive job, and you’ll likely have to live with the results for years.

Here are a few things to think about before you pick up the sledgehammers.

First Things First

Updating your cranky plumbing and overworked electrical service won’t make visitors ooh and ah with amazement, but these two steps are essential to protect your investment, save you unexpected headaches in the long run, and add significant resale value to your home. Replace worn out steel pipes with modern copper, and instead of just adding GFCI switches to bring the bathroom up to code, consider installing all new wiring. Even if you pride yourself on your do-it-yourself skills, plumbing and electrical are two fields that are best left to the experts. Look for technicians who are licensed and certified by your state.

Make the Most of Available Space

Unlike today’s luxury bathrooms, those of yesterday were built primarily for utility. Vintage bathrooms are often small, with a sink, tub and toilet crowded together, leaving little room for movement or getting ready in the morning – especially if there are two or more of you. Get creative when thinking about how best to use the space you have. Solutions for small spaces include removing the tub and installing a shower stall, or ripping out a vanity in favor of a pedestal sink and hanging cabinets. If there is a linen closet adjoining the bathroom, you may be able to eliminate it and extend square footage without cutting into living space.

Take Advantage of Technology

Even if you love the old-fashioned look of your bathroom and feel it suits the style of the house, look for modern reproductions of older designs to take advantage of new developments in technology. Water saving touch-to-operate faucets and low-flow shower heads are available in materials and patterns that mimic vintage looks, and newer acrylic claw-footed tubs have the same great presence but are lighter and longer-wearing than their cast-iron counterparts. Replace water sensitive beadboard wainscoting with vinyl and retain the same classic wall treatment with the added benefit of increased durability.

A few other tips:

  • Let there be light. Older bathrooms often include one small window and an overhead fixture. Light is an important component to creating the illusion of space. Add recessed lighting, widen the window or add a skylight if possible. If there’s no room to improve, install a larger mirror.
  • Ventilate. Especially in small bathrooms, a ventilation fan is a necessity, but it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Build adequate ventilation into your blueprint and pick the right fan for your application.
  • Get better grout. Picking out new tiles is fun – but don’t forget to seal them with the right product. A good grout that resists water, heat and mildew will keep your beautiful tiles looking that way for years to come.
  • Get creative with storage. If you do replace a tub with a shower, consider installing adjoining floor-to-ceiling cabinets to maximize storage without sacrificing floor space. Get the look of a standard vanity in a smaller size with a pair of floor cabinets and a wall- or counter-mounted sink.

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