New Bathroom? Spruce It Up with These Ideas

Bathroom with Shaker Cabinets

After you add a bathroom onto your house and install the necessary fixtures, such as the toilet, sink and tub, you may then wonder what you can do to make this brand new room of the house more comfortable and convenient. Rather than let it sit in its unfinished state, you can begin an exciting and enjoyable process of decorating your new bathroom to your preferences. As you prepare to decorate and furnish the new bathroom, you should consider all of the latest bathroom amenities out there on the home improvement market today.

Lighting Fixtures

Before you add any furniture or cabinetry to your new bathroom, you may be more interested in installing the lighting fixtures first. If the idea of a boring light bulb fixture does not appeal to you, you should consider some other options that will give your new bathroom softer light and a more relaxing atmosphere. In fact, recessed lighting is a very popular choice among today’s homeowners. These lighting fixtures are typically encased in decorative tile or marble, thus adding more beauty to the bathroom. The lights are softer and avoid giving the harsh glare that is common with bare light bulbs. A great many varieties of bathroom lighting can be found on the market today. You can take a look and find the lighting style that is right for you.

Shower Amenities

If you plan to add a shower to your new bathroom, you may want something more than a stainless steel shower head faucet attached to your bathtub. Indeed, walk-in showers continue to be all the rage for homeowners today. These walk-in fixtures are very convenient and give the bathroom a modern look. Further, you can decorate your walk-in shower with beautiful tiles and decorative doors that will add to the overall appearance of this new room.

Bathroom Storage

As you furnish your bathroom, your thoughts may turn to what kinds of storage you want in this room of the house. Furnishing a bathroom with storage lets you and your family have easy access to towels, soaps, cleaning supplies, and other necessities. You may want to add cabinets above your sink or include a bathroom vanity to surround the sink and drain in the bathroom. Many people who want storage in this room also use ready-to-assemble closets or shelving on the walls to give them the easy access to supplies they need. Bathroom storage options today are varied and can match your ideal style and budget.


Finishing your new bathroom may be accomplished by adding flooring to this new room. As with so many other bathroom enjoyments, your choice of flooring can reflect your personal style and budget. If you want a material that will be easy to clean and maintain, you may consider adding linoleum to your new bathroom. However, if you want a more upscale appearance for this room, you can choose ceramic tile, wood flooring, or even plush carpet.

Furnishing and decorating a brand new bathroom requires that you take a look at all of the new and exciting bathroom amenities available today. You can find storage, flooring, showers, and other conveniences that will suit your budget and personal preferences when you consider what is available today on the home improvement market.

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6 Tips for Installing Your Own Bathroom Cabinets

Beautiful White Double Vanity BathroomIt’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the different choices for bathroom cabinets on the market today. And, if you’re on a budget, how to install the cabinets on your own can be another source of stress. But, more and more families are choosing to take charge of their bathroom remodel. Start with your budget, and locate all your favorite options within that budget. Remember to check out Kitchen Cabinet Kings wide selection of 100% plywood and beautifully finished bathroom cabinets available online.

Once you’ve decided what works for both your budget and your space, use these nine tips to empower yourself to take on that bathroom remodel! Yes, you can.

1. Remove the existing cabinet and vanity carefully: To avoid damaging the plumbing (which can be reused) find out where the plumbing and electricity runs through the walls to avoid putting a screw through.

2. Remove all drawers and doors: When you’re screwing cabinets together or to the wall, you’ll want to remove all the drawers and doors first, so you’re working on light boxes, with nothing in the way. You’ll also prevent scratches.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff: If you accidentally crack the frame or scratch the finish of a cabinet, don’t sweat it! You can easily call a furniture repair professional who can repair the damage, restoring it to it’s original condition inexpensively.

4. Level things out: One of the biggest challenges when installing cabinets are ensuring they are level side to side, and front to back. This problem is exacerbated when floors are often uneven, especially in older homes. Get something called a tapered shim that will help you keep your cabinets even.

5. Utilize squeeze clamps: These handy little tools (get the ones with rubber tips) will be very useful when you need to hold the cabinets in perfect alignment while screwing them together.

6. If all else fails… Remember that you can always call in a plumber to help you get through the unfamiliar pipes, but you can do the cabinet install afterwards yourself. This will save you at least two hours of billable time.

Do you think you have what it takes for a DIY bathroom cabinet install? Of course you do! Leave your tips for home installation below.

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Fantasy Bathroom Series: Vessel Sink vs. Undermount Sink

Vessel Sink vs. Undermount SinkHave you ever dined at a restaurant, gone to the restroom, and returned in awe to tell your tablemates, “You must see the bathroom!” Or, visited your friend’s place for the first time and washed your hands for an extra minute because her soap and new sink felt so luxurious? The truth is, bathrooms make a lasting impression on people. It’s the second face of your home or establishment. The Fantasy Bathroom series will focus on an aspect of bathroom remodeling each time. First up: the vessel sink vs. the undermount sink.

Vessel sinks are sinkbowls that sit on top of the counter. Though the design is inspired by washbins pre-running water, vessel sinks can actually lend a quite modern and artistic feel to a large or small bathroom. Its installation varies from a conventional sink; a counter that is lower than standard height is necessary to accommodate the above counter bowl, and plumbing may be different. The faucet also must be the right height and length to avoid splashing.

Undermount sinks are mounted below the counter, allowing for a seamless counter-basin surface. Undermount sinks are more traditional and make for clean and simple lines. Also, since I do my hair and makeup every morning in the bathroom, the extra counter space that the undermount sink provides leaves more room for my products and blow dryer. I would pair something like this crisp white ceramic vanity sink with a luxe white marble countertop and a brushed nickel finish faucet.

What’s your experience with either kind of sink? My ideal home would incorporate a beautifully distinct vessel sink for a “wow” factor in the powder room, and a sleek double undermount sinks for the master bathroom. I’m curious to hear what kind you’d choose for your fantasy bathroom!

(Photos via Landmark Builders and Better Homes and Gardens)

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2013

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2013Modern bathrooms are havens for relaxation and personal time, and the remodeling trends in 2013 reflect the notion of creating this mini-spa experience in the home. The lines, colors and fixtures in 2013 bathrooms create a luxurious space focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.


Showers are becoming larger and focused on a relaxing experience. Jetted showers are particularly important to the luxury shower trend. These showers have jets spraying water from the walls as well as from the shower head. The simplest to install have only one set of additional jets near the shower handle, but the most luxurious have jets all around the walls of the shower.

Other luxurious accents available for the shower include LED color changing lights for a chromotherapy enhancement, multiple showers and multiple shower heads. Use hinged, glass doors rather than sliders for convenience and an updated look. You may also consider a shower seat, stylish heavy glass for the shower walls, waterproof speakers and an MP3 dock.


Bathrooms today feature lots of light, including natural light. In past decades bathrooms had no windows or one small window, but now homeowners lot for lots of soothing light, with an emphasis on natural lighting. This light may come through windows, but it may also come through skylights.

Creative and personal lighting fixtures are also big news. Discard the utilitarian ceiling fixtures and add something interesting such as a bathroom chandelier. Plan for layers of lights in the bathroom utilizing wall sconces, shower lighting, lighting over the tub and vanity lighting as well as the overhead light. This gives lots of options for function and ambiance.

Natural, But Modern

Natural patterns and colors are the style for bathrooms, but they’re used in modern fixtures and designs. Look for a color palette of natural neutrals like cream, white, beige, brown and grey. Add just a pop of vibrant color in a decorative piece, a window covering or a wall accent.

Use natural wood or wood grain finishes on contemporary vanities and add quartz, granite or marble countertops for a natural but luxurious look. Wood tile is trending now as well. This flooring option features wood plank-sized tiles printed with high-definition images of weathered wood. They install like a wood floor, but are rated for slip and water resistance for use in a bathroom. Also look for modern twists on traditional options such as a simplified, streamlined vintage vanity, a modernized clawfoot tub and a wall-mounted, smooth-line toilet.

Luxury Touches

Add those little extras that really set your bathroom apart and make it a pleasure to use. For example, luxury vanities feature drawers with dividers, pull out shelves, and designs that maximize storage space around the plumbing.

Install a spa tub, a steam bath or a sauna. Look for spa-like towel warmers, a backlit mirror or heated floors. Think about tiling the bathroom from top to bottom, or use decorative glass tiles to accent and update the backsplash for a perfect finish to the 2013 bathroom remodel.

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The Ugly Side of Bathroom Remodeling

While remodeling a bathroom is generally a relatively small project, there are unexpected hazards or surprises that may be lurking below the surface of walls and floors. You can’t plan for everything, but some pre-planning before you cut into a wall or rip up the flooring may reduce budget overages and dangerous outcomes.

The Problems That Come With Age

Remember that disclosure form you received when you purchased your home? Take a look at it, and note the year your home was built. If it was built before 1978, there are additional precautions any contractor must take before removing paint, wallpaper, windows, walls or fixtures because of lead paint dangers. If you are simply painting over existing walls, there is no problem. However, if you are replacing cabinets, sinks, tubs or windows or if you are changing the footprint of the bathroom, fixing plumbing or rerouting electrical wires, you’ll need to budget in the cost of testing and possibly mitigating for lead-based paint.

Mildew, Mold and Decay, Oh My!

Bathrooms are prime spots for the growth of mildew and mold because of the warm, damp environment. Additionally, many bathrooms that need to be remodeled have water routing or draining problems. If your plumbing tends to overflow or the bathtub leaks, you may find subflooring, sheeting underneath the subfloor, drywall and even floor joists that are rotting and need to be replaced. If you have a contractor bidding the project, ask them to probe the floors surrounding appliances to see if there is an indication that you have a rotting problem. Also ask them to check for any signs of mold or mildew. If you are completing the work yourself, carefully inspect all areas of the floors and walls. If there is any sign that you may be dealing with these hidden hazards, budget for them from the outset. It may be frustrating, but it’s always better to be prepared than to be surprised.

Ducting, Plumbing and Wiring That Makes Absolutely No Sense

The location and routing of ducting, plumbing and wiring is not always logical. A builder may have routed a duct behind the bathroom cabinet during construction for a particular reason that is no longer clear when you are remodeling a bathroom 15 years later. However, you want to avoid crushing ducting or cutting through wiring inadvertently. If possible, take the time to go to the basement or attic and complete an examination of where the venting pipes, wiring, waste lines and supply lines enter and exit the bathroom. Sketch them out, and note where they must run behind the walls. Then when you are completing any kind of destruction in the bathroom, you can use extra caution in those areas and avoid messy, expensive and often smelly mistakes.

Remodeling your bathroom isn’t always a straight forward experience and you should be prepared for the worst! Make sure you have experienced professionals helping you along the way to make sure you have a safe bathroom that will last a lifetime.

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5 Ideas to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

A tired, boring bathroom can make your home feel dated and dull. Use these five easy tips to design a bathroom that is both functional and fabulous without spending a fortune.

1. Plan Ahead and Save

Beat unexpected budget-breakers by shopping around before you start. Online stores don’t have the overhead of brick-and-mortar home improvement emporiums and often offer great deals on all the things you’ll need to complete your bathroom makeover. Study design magazines or blogs in print and online for ideas. Once you’ve arrived at a number, add 5 to 10 percent to cover overlooked extras and start saving. Put aside a set amount every week until you’ve reached your goal.

2. Do It Yourself

As long as your plumbing is in good shape and you’re not planning any extensive structural renovations, you can save a bundle by getting dirty and doing the work yourself. Almost anyone can paint, and peel-and-stick flooring makes installation a snap. Do your own demo work and new installations. Consider a ready-to-assemble bathroom vanity to get more for your money. These custom-look cabinets are available in dozens of designer options and they assemble in minutes with only a few basic tools.

3. Recycle

Get deluxe looks for less with recycled materials. Add colorful accents with a handful of antique glass or hand painted tiles. Refinishing an old cast-iron bathtub can be more cost effective than buying a new one. Scour secondhand stores and flea markets for unusual light fixtures, switch plates and hardware. Instead of throwing your used furniture and fixtures into the dumpster, turn old wooden flooring, vanities, marble, sinks and towel racks into cash by selling them at construction consignment stores or yard sales.

4. Go Green

Money, energy and water saving upgrades like LED lamps, touch-to-operate faucets and low-flow toilets and showerheads may cost more up front, but they pay for themselves over time in reduced utility bills. Naturally renewable bamboo is an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood or high-pressure laminate cabinets and floors. Get rid of dust-collecting blinds and shades and use frosted glass windowpanes to allow natural light to fall into the room while preserving privacy. Add an inexpensive tropical plant in a colorful pot to improve indoor air quality.

5. Spruce Up with Small Touches

Stretch your design dollar with carefully chosen accessories. Mix-to-match paint allows an almost endless selection of colors. Choose easily updated pastels or go bold with bright, colorful accents on baseboards and moldings. Instead of a standard wall mirror, choose one in an unusual shape or an interesting frame. Simple upgrades like towels and rugs in striking colors or textures add personality to any room. Choose hardware and other accents to emphasize classic or contemporary style.

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