4 Ways to Accessorize a Floating Shelf

I selected Valspar Pantone Universe in “Blithe” for my dining room accent wall during our remodel, and felt it looked a bit…plain. So recently, a very kind (and patient) friend taught me how to install a floating shelf I had lying around in storage for years. Since the shelf has gone up, I’ve had fun accessorizing it with little touches I have around the apartment. The best part is that you can literally change the entire feel of a room with just a few little changes. Taking a plain spot and elevating it with a thoughtful arrangement makes a world of difference. Check it out…

1. Go Green

Floating Shelf with Flower Pots
A mixture of succulents, bonsai, orchid, and other leafy green plants really brighten up the space. The green is a lovely contrast to the blue wall. And don’t make all the plants match! It’s more natural and organic when they are different shapes and sizes, even the pots. The light is Bertjan Pot’s 2002 Random Light. I can’t get enough of how beautiful the lines look when reflected on the walls in the evening.
Close Up of Floating Shelf with Potted Plants
Close up of the various potted plants.

2. Vases

Floating Shelf with Vases
Sort of the opposite of the first arrangement, this is a display of various glass vases and wooden bowls we had lying around the apartment. Most were very inexpensive and/or vintage. The key is to stick to a color scheme- here are have blues and orange/browns mixed together for a slightly 70′s vibe.

3. Pigs (Something Random!)

Floating Shelf with Pigs
A floating shelf is a great, minimalist way to show off a collection of anything you might hold dear. My apartment-mate Kristin has a collection of pigs that she and her dad share as a running joke – love how they look all cheerily lined up!

Black and White

Floating Shelf with Picture Frames
For a more classic look, I dug out an old Polaroid camera I discovered at a flea market, and leaned up B&W framed photos against the wall. Also I added a candle and re-used the piggy bank. I’m a huge fan of leaning framed art – it is so much easier (no drilling!), looks casual, and is perfect for a design commitment-phobe like me who likes to shift things around every other week.
Close Up of Floating Shelf with Picture Frames
Close up of the details of the shelf, including J.K. Rowling’s new book (under pseudonym Robert Galbraith.)

Do you have a floating shelf in your home? What’s on yours?

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Five Epic Products to Transform Your Eat-In Kitchen

Must Have Products for an Eat-In Kitchen
Construction officially started on our condo yesterday. While we’re on a budget, I have admittedly spent countless hours already browsing dream furniture to outfit the empty kitchen and living area.

Growing up, I’d eat every meal at the kitchen counter, and groan when asked to move to the table for some modicum of propriety. Mind you, this was just the table within the kitchen, not even the never-used dining room table.

Perhaps it’s age, but now I get excited at the thought of furnishing an eat-in kitchen. You still can be where the action is, yet sit down with your friends and family for a lovely dinner together. Since you’re still in the kitchen, keep the color of your cabinets, backsplash, and tiles in mind when shopping for the eat-in dining area. I love a great statement light, and bold, complementary pieces like the ones below.

1. Random light, black - This amazingly lightweight orb by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot is made of flexible resin drained yarn that is actually quite durable to the touch. I would make it the focus of the room, allowing it to dictate the aesthetic of the rest of the pieces. Comes in white, too.
2. Chartreuse translucent chair - Functional and cute, this chair comes in a variety of solid and translucent shades. Get two to mix around a table, or stick with one theme. I love the chartreuse as a contrast to the black Random light!
3. Valspar paint in “Blithe” - I love Valspar paint, which comes in incredibly rich, vibrant hues. This electric blue would make an unexpected accent wall, and complement the other elements for a modern flair.
4. Pepper Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – Our Pepper Shaker door style is a deep chocolate, mixing classic with modern. Made from a solid birch frame, this style is sturdy and chic. Don’t be afraid to mix blacks and dark browns for some dimension as they are both neutral hues!
5. Saarinen Dining Table – This simple iconic table by Eero Saarinen is done in a rosewood veneer, that mixes and matches with the dark kitchen cabinets. Mixing different woods can actually be result in a layered effect, provided you don’t introduce more than two or three types in one room.

Which pieces would you have in your dream eat-in kitchen? Share your own epic ideas in the comments.

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Splurge or Save: Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Cherry Vs. Cherryville CabinetsWhen I saw this gorgeous kitchen, I fell immediately for the dark cherry cabinets and green accents. Some quick research told me that the family had splurged on custom designed and installed cabinets.

Since this option would be way out of my budget, I searched for discount alternatives. While the solid cherry wood certainly makes for a luxe look, cabinets are actually one area of a kitchen remodel where you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

The “Cherryville” cabinet above is the answer to a rich dark finish, without the hefty price tag. Crafted from solid maple, the quality wood is finished with a deep cherry stain and glaze. The interior is wood too, with plywood shelves as well as smooth undermount glides so the cabinets open and slide smoothly.

The best part is that the average price for outfitting a typical 10’ x 10’ kitchen with Cherryville cabinets is just $1,393. Kitchen Cabinet King’s customer support staff will guide you through the process of fitting your dream cabinets into your existing kitchen, at a price that is affordable for you. These Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets will arrive right at your door and are designed for the DIY homeowner to install independent of a contracter.

As an added bonus, even the shiny drawer pulls and cabinet knobs pictured in the kitchen above are available in a similar style, and on sale.

The “splurge” dark cherry cabinets are similarly stunning, but I would choose budget, style, and quality over them any day. Are you considering a cabinet splurge? If so, try looking for a similar cabinet door style here first. You just might be surprised.

(Photos from left to right via Apartment Therapy and Kitchen Cabinet Kings)

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Gorgeous & Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tile

Tile is one of the simplest and most exciting ways to rejuvenate a tired bathroom. With the all the selections available today, there are plenty of quality green, eco-friendly, and sustainable options as well. All of these featured tiles are made from recycled materials, utilize green manufacturing processes, or give back to the community. Discover my picks below and find out what makes each one so special besides being eco-friendly!

Barcelona Mosiac

Barcelona Mosaic Tile

Getting ready in a bathroom tiled with this iridescent mosaic sounds positively glamorous. The multifaceted neutrals have a subtle sheen that will reflect light around your space. Use these versatile tiles to cover an entire wall, or just to create a border for a hint of shimmer. Learn more Barcelona Mosaic Tile.

Blazestone Glass

Blazestone Glass Tile

Don’t you just love how the tiles are all different shapes? This refreshing, vibrant tile would be perfect in a bathroom with tons of natural light. Plus, there are no additional colorants added, just all post-industrial, post-consumer glass – awesome. Learn more about Blazestone Glass Tile.

Handpainted Fireclay

Handpainted Fireclay Tile

This handpainted tile was made using the cuerda-seca method, which originated in Spain to keep colors separate with dark lines. Go with this Tuscan-inspired look, mixed with simple white tiles, for a romantic master bathroom, or customize your own! Learn more about Handpainted Fireclay Tile.

Las Vegas Mosaic

Las Vegas Mosaic Tile

Light to dark blue/purple tiles will add serious drama to your bathroom. Make this glitzy mosaic part of your everyday routine by pairing it with sleek, dark cabinets for a truly upscale feel. Learn more about Las Vegas Mosaic Tile.

Little Diamonds

Little Diamonds Tile

For your powder room, consider this cheery geometric pattern. This would be so fun as an accent wall behind the mirror and paired with rich oak cabinets. Made to order and entirely customizable with your favorite colors. Learn more about Little Diamonds Tile.


Eco-friendly bathroom tile in action!

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tile in Action

South Beach tile by Daltile

Can you believe these beautiful products are basically made of trash? Have you thought about using eco-friendly bathroom tile in your home? Did we change your mind? Do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear what you think!

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