5 Fun Ways to Brighten Your Kitchen with Color

White Kitchen with Bright Tiles
A neutral palette will always have a place in kitchen design. Neutrals go with everything, they’re easy to update with the addition of a few inexpensive accessories, and these mellow tones blend seamlessly with both cutting-edge and classic design.

For all of a neutral palette’s positive qualities, those plain Jane shades can leave a kitchen feeling either cold and industrial or lifeless and drab. In the room where you’re most likely to congregate for food and conversion, why not kick up a basic color scheme with a little burst of color? No one wants a kitchen that’s 50 shades of beige.

Here are five ideas for sprucing up your neutral kitchen with a beautiful burst of color:

Make a Statement with Paint

Paint is the fastest and most affordable way to update your kitchen instantly, and best of all, it’s completely reversible. Invest a little time and elbow grease and suddenly a bright statement wall appears to brighten classic wooden cabinets, lighten dark rooms and make the kitchen interesting again. Use a shocking bright to create an unforgettable exclamation point at the end of a galley kitchen, or paint a wall with many windows in a sunny springtime shade.

Terrific Tile Treatments

Tile has come a long way since the days of standard 4-inch ceramics in white or pastels. Glass mosaic tiles are available in a rainbow of jewel tones that add depth, painted ceramics and porcelains have an authentic Tuscan feel, and metallic tiles in gold, silver, copper and bronze bring a dash of bling. If you’re unwilling to completely retile or build a better backsplash, a border or accent line around your existing tile adds personality, flash and flair.

Get Colorful with Cabinets

Before you freak out, remember that no one is suggesting you go floor-to-ceiling in chartreuse or fuchsia. Instead, take advantage of today’s super-hot color blocking style by mixing and matching cabinet doors. If you’re lucky enough to have paintable cabinets, a weekend’s work is all it takes. If you’re completely updating your kitchen, consider adding a few doors that contrast with the over-all look. Pair a few burgundy, hunter green or royal blue doors with black cabinets and almost any pastel or bright with white.

Apply the Appliances

Maybe you’re old enough to remember a time when colorful appliances meant monstrosities in olive green, harvest gold or burnt orange. If you’re not, consider yourself lucky. Today’s appliance manufacturers have embraced color in a whole new way. Equipping your kitchen with major appliances in deep red, dark green or even more fanciful pink, sunny yellow or turquoise is one way to add bursts of beautiful color to an otherwise neutral backdrop.

Spice Up Your Island

The kitchen island: That not-so-peaceful oasis where prep and homework is done. Take this kitchen stand-by to a new level and add an explosion of color to the most popular seat in the house. Use cabinets in a shade that complements but contrasts with the rest of the room, add a bright Corian or colorful granite countertop, cover the outside surface in sassy 1-inch mosaics, or create a one-of-a-kind mural with custom-printed laminates or tiles.

Do you have any bright ideas for adding color to the kitchen? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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Five Inspiring Photos to Break You Out of Your Design Rut

So many of us get stuck in ruts. Life ruts, relationship ruts, career ruts, but most importantly (clearly), design ruts. You see the same interiors over and over, or get used to using a ladder for just one reason, or seeing a kitchen that is all too typical. Sometimes, all it takes is a visual “punch” to bring you back to life and get your creative juices flowing again. Even if these photos don’t represent ideas you’d incorporate into your own kitchen or bathroom, they’re bound to shake up your day a little, and spring you on your way towards a freer, less inhibited aesthetic.

Ladder with pots and pans hanging on it in the kitchen

Ladders are for climbing and reaching high places…right? This ultra simple metal ladder doubles as a pan holder. Simply buy some S-shaped hooks and you’ll have an instant storage unit. What a beautiful, rustic way to display your cast iron pots and pans.

Ladder in a bathroom using closet for storage

All too often we see shoes and accessories stored together with clothing. In this bathroom, storage space that would normally be reserved for toiletries, extra linens, and cleaning products make way for accessories. Simply unhinge cabinet doors and cover with a coat of glossy white paint for a clean, boutique feel.

Nautical themed kitchen inside of an Airstream trailer

This is an Airstream trailer. How freaking awesome, right? The “kitchen” is tiny – it actually consists of one burner, a convection microwave, and a teeny-tiny sink. But, it’s brought to life with it’s all white look, and pop of contrast in the graphic wallpaper. Also, if you’ve got a tiny space, a theme might be handy. This Airstream is nautical themed, so furnishing it in accordance, down to the porthole window, makes a small space light, airy, and fun.

Bathroom with multiple round mirrors hanging

Can’t find the perfect mirror for your vanity? We love that this modern, minimalist vanity was paired with simple mirrors of various sizes, arranged haphazardly but still stylishly on the wall. You can also achieve a similar look by pairing mirrors with different frames, some modern, some more ornate. Think a gallery photo wall, but with mirrors instead. The key is to not look too done!

Bathroom with chalkboard paint, pastel rug, and paintings hanging

Lastly, there are so many elements in this bathroom that I wouldn’t normally think of putting in a bathroom, but somehow it works. First, the rug. A little random, but you have to admit that it’s so much chicer than those terry bath mats that come in pastel colors. Also, the black chalkboard paint. It’s sometimes too much to paint an entire bathroom black, so you’ll notice 90% of the walls are covered with hanging photos, prints, and paintings. They predominantly have white backgrounds, which makes for a lovely contrast, and echoes the white toilet and sink.

Did these photos “disrupt” your design aesthetic and get you out of that rut? Share your most inspirational ideas below.

(Photos via Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy)

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Bathroom Design Idea: The Furniture Look

You can create a quaint bathroom vanity from an antique dresser or chest if you want to spend time searching for the perfect piece, transforming it, and possibly refinishing it as well. But why not take the easier raod, and simply alter a bathroom cabinet to make it look like a furniture piece, giving your vanity all the functionality of a bathroom cabinet combined with the look of a piece of fine furniture.

Carved Legs

To instantly give your vanity the look of a furniture piece, purchase carved furniture legs or detailed furniture feet from a home improvement store or carpenter.The legs can be ornate or simple and sleek, depending on your taste. There are ready-made furniture legs and feet in a variety of styles and lengths that can be cut to fit your cabinet. Finish the pieces to match the cabinet finish. Using these feet under a cabinets raises the vanity off of the floor for a furniture look. For a wide vanity, vary the heights of cabinets and furniture feet for a authentic look.

Recessed Toekicks

To take advantage of the bathroom cabinet toetick while still achieving a furniture look, use furniture-style molding to create a base disguising a recessed toekick. The molding makes the vanity look like a piece of fine furniture, causing the toekick to be virtually unnoticeable from eye level by tricking the eye into thinking the vanity is standing on furniture feet. What you will notice how easy bathroom cleanup is with those toekicks in place.

Decorative Moldings

Adding decorative molding between upper drawers and lower cabinet doors is another way of creating a furniture look. Using a wide molding at the top can create the deeper apron typical of furniture pieces. Combine the moldings with a base molding that includes false feet for a complete furniture appearance.

Search Stock Cabinets

For the most inexpensive, usable and practical way to create a furniture look on a vanity, search stock bathroom cabinets. Find one that is closest to the design you favor — you’ll find traditional, modern, contemporary and other designs. Stock cabinets are the best way to get high quality for a reasonable price. Once you’ve chosen the cabinet style you can add elements to finish the piece such as moldings, feet and hardware.

So achieving a furniture look with your bathroom vanity doesn’t need to require hours of searching furniture shops and antique stores or the expensive of hiring a carpenter to do renovations. Instead, use a few tricks to alter a bathroom vanity into a furniture-style piece.

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4 Ways You Can Change The Look Of Your Kitchen TODAY!

We are all too familiar with that bored feeling we get when looking around our homes.  While you may not dislike the overall scheme of your kitchen, you may be desiring more.  The excitement of the last remodel and redesign have long wore off, and you are left feeling anything but.  Sometimes it is best to redesign in small doses, this way you can enjoy each stage.

1. Refinish Your Furniture

A simple and easy way to make a big difference in your kitchen would be to refinish your furniture.  Try sanding down your table, chairs, and any other furniture you may have in your room.  You can then paint or stain the items.  One of my favorite methods is to antique furniture, so if this is a look your are interested in, simply sand the items, paint them the desired color, let them dry, and sand them one more time.  This simple process can really change the entire room.

2. Take Off Your Cabinet Doors

My next suggestion would be to change up your kitchen cabinets without purchasing or refacing your existing cabinetry.  You may be thinking I am completely nuts here, but you can change your cabinets without really “changing” your cabinets.  Try going doorless for a bit, you will be amazed at how spacious your kitchen will appear.  Take the doors off all your wall cabinets, and keep them stored.  You can even try this just for the warmer months of spring and summer.  Once these months are gone, you will be itching for a change again, and you can put the doors back on!

3. Change The Lighting

Finally, an easy way to give your room a face lift is by changing your light fixture.  Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of the kitchen, and yet, it is frequently forgotten.  Swap your simple ceiling fixture for a funky chandelier.  If you have dim lights in your kitchen, amp it up!  By incorporating better lighting into your room you will be sure to notice things you haven’t in awhile.

4. Be Creative!

Redesigning your kitchen does not always mean purchasing all brand new items; sometimes it means working with what you have in a new way.  If we bought new every time we were bored, we would be broke and living in clutter!  It’s the little things that make the biggest difference so start brainstorming now. Got a tip you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it. Let us know in the comments below!

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What Are Slab Doors?

what are slab doors 295x300 What Are Slab Doors?Sometimes less is more, and that is the same when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. There are tons of different styles to choose from; raised panel door styles or cathedral recessed panel doors are just a few. You can add decorative inserts in multiple styles to enhance the look even more, but what if that is not what you’re looking for? What if you want something clean and simple? Then a slab door is exactly what you need.

What Are Slab Doors?

Slab doors are a flat door style. They are sleek, linear looking cabinets. These cabinets can work well with any design theme. They work well in a traditional, Victorian home. If you are looking for new cabinets in your contemporary loft, slab doors can be modern. Oak made flat cabinet doors can be interpreted as country. This door style is the chameleon of cabinets. Whatever you are looking to achieve in your redesign, the flat panel door can fit in.

What’s So Good About Slab Doors?

Another great aspect of the flat door is that there is less maintenance. The kitchen needs to be cleaned constantly, so having one less thing to worry about can help immensely. The lack of grooves and ridges in your cabinetry will result in a lack of dust accumulation. A full cleaning takes form in a simple swipe across the cabinet face.

Simple yet elegant, high kitchen design and low maintenance, and less is more with slab door cabinets. Your kitchen remodel is an investment you are probably hoping to make only once in the next ten to fifteen years, so stay away from anything trendy. The flat door is something timeless that can fit in with any new paint job. Do yourself a favor and go flat!

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