Five Inspiring Photos to Break You Out of Your Design Rut

So many of us get stuck in ruts. Life ruts, relationship ruts, career ruts, but most importantly (clearly), design ruts. You see the same interiors over and over, or get used to using a ladder for just one reason, or seeing a kitchen that is all too typical. Sometimes, all it takes is a visual “punch” to bring you back to life and get your creative juices flowing again. Even if these photos don’t represent ideas you’d incorporate into your own kitchen or bathroom, they’re bound to shake up your day a little, and spring you on your way towards a freer, less inhibited aesthetic.

Ladder with pots and pans hanging on it in the kitchen

Ladders are for climbing and reaching high places…right? This ultra simple metal ladder doubles as a pan holder. Simply buy some S-shaped hooks and you’ll have an instant storage unit. What a beautiful, rustic way to display your cast iron pots and pans.

Ladder in a bathroom using closet for storage

All too often we see shoes and accessories stored together with clothing. In this bathroom, storage space that would normally be reserved for toiletries, extra linens, and cleaning products make way for accessories. Simply unhinge cabinet doors and cover with a coat of glossy white paint for a clean, boutique feel.

Nautical themed kitchen inside of an Airstream trailer

This is an Airstream trailer. How freaking awesome, right? The “kitchen” is tiny – it actually consists of one burner, a convection microwave, and a teeny-tiny sink. But, it’s brought to life with it’s all white look, and pop of contrast in the graphic wallpaper. Also, if you’ve got a tiny space, a theme might be handy. This Airstream is nautical themed, so furnishing it in accordance, down to the porthole window, makes a small space light, airy, and fun.

Bathroom with multiple round mirrors hanging

Can’t find the perfect mirror for your vanity? We love that this modern, minimalist vanity was paired with simple mirrors of various sizes, arranged haphazardly but still stylishly on the wall. You can also achieve a similar look by pairing mirrors with different frames, some modern, some more ornate. Think a gallery photo wall, but with mirrors instead. The key is to not look too done!

Bathroom with chalkboard paint, pastel rug, and paintings hanging

Lastly, there are so many elements in this bathroom that I wouldn’t normally think of putting in a bathroom, but somehow it works. First, the rug. A little random, but you have to admit that it’s so much chicer than those terry bath mats that come in pastel colors. Also, the black chalkboard paint. It’s sometimes too much to paint an entire bathroom black, so you’ll notice 90% of the walls are covered with hanging photos, prints, and paintings. They predominantly have white backgrounds, which makes for a lovely contrast, and echoes the white toilet and sink.

Did these photos “disrupt” your design aesthetic and get you out of that rut? Share your most inspirational ideas below.

(Photos via Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy)

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