Does Your Bathroom De-Stress You?

Bathroom with Sliding Barn Door
I’m usually quite partial to sleek lines, minimalist furniture, and futuristic kitchen appliances. In fact, I drool over the Ikea catalog each season. But, in New York City some spaces are too styled. Every high rise lobby is outfitted in mid-century modern seating, decorated with an abstract painting, or has chrome details…lots of them.

That’s why I can understand why this Brooklyn family renovated their home to give off a warm, cozy, farmhouse feel to contrast with their busy and chaotic lives in the city. While the entire home is beautiful, I was especially impressed with how they pulled off an inviting, hospitable, and serene bathroom without being sterile.

Beautiful All White Bathroom

1. Barn Door: Wow. This door, reappropriated from a sheep farm in New Hamsphire, is the focal point and pièce de résistance of not just the bathroom, but the room surrounding it. By carefully staining and constructing it to slide and fit in the space, the owners brought the area to life with love and care.

2. All White Details: When in doubt, clean white vanities, a fresh coat of white paint, and storage will make any bathroom look comfortable and soothing. Brushed nickel details such as the towel hooks, pull out magnifying mirrors, and faucets make you and your guests feel like it’s a hotel. The freshly laundered towels folded on a simple white wooden shelf contribute to this feel.

3. Lots of light: What if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows? Dark bathrooms are the worst, especially if you’re trying to shave or apply makeup in the morning. It’s a bit hard to see, but on the leftmost side of the second photo, you can glimpse the floor to ceiling panel of floorblasted glass. This frosted effect allows natural light from the living room to encompass the bathroom, without revealing anything too…private. That would be awkward.

4. Vase by the door: Okay, so technically this detail is outside the bathroom, but by placing a beautifully curated floor vase by the door, a quite welcoming effect ensues. This vase almost says, “Here you are about to enter into a beautiful, tranquil experience.” Talk about making the most of a situation! How it’s designed is quite clever and effortless – large white coffee table books (we spot one about Dali!) and organic decorative branches add texture and layers to the entrance piece.

5. Large floor tiles: The sand colored tiles are gorgeous in their own right, but the takeaway here is large, square floor tiles. No more of that 12″ x 12″ crap. Especially if you have a small bathroom, larger tiles will actually give it the visual effect of being more spacious. Here, no matter what texture or color you select, these jumbo tiles fit perfectly in line with the luxurious yet laid back style of this farmhouse oasis in Brooklyn.

Even looking at these photos had a calming effect on me. Does your own home feel like an oasis from the area where you live? What elements of your home automatically relax or de-stress you once you get home?

(Photos via Design Sponge)

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Five Reasons To Use Integrated Kitchen Appliances

Integrated Kitchen AppliancesI have a theory. You can tell who your best friends are not by how many secrets they’ve kept, how often they’ve come through for you in a pinch, not even by the number of gifts they’ve bought you. No, all these factors are inconsequential compared to the greatest indicator of all: how well you know your way around their kitchen.

How many times have you gone over to a new friend’s home and had to ask where the trash can was? Since trash cans are simultaneously aesthetically challenged and absolutely necessary, many have been relegated to clever pull-out drawers that blend in with the surrounding kitchen cabinetry.

The trend doesn’t end here. I’ve never been a fan of gleaming robotic appliances as a focal point of a kitchen. (They’re akin to someone with too many diamond rings.) Now, it’s possible to add cabinet panels to your Sub-zero refrigerator, or install your microwave somewhere more subtle with the vast array of integrated appliances on the market today.

After all, kitchens aren’t just for cooking and eating- they’re safe havens for doing homework, diving into arts and crafts projects, and sharing a glass of Malbec with a dear friend.

Turn your kitchen into a multitasking- no, multi-living space by choosing integrated appliances that seamlessly create a cohesive atmosphere. Here are five reasons to consider integrated appliances for your kitchen:

1. A tidy look: Hide knick knacks in cabinets to minimize appearance of clutter.
2. Easy to clean: Integrated appliances allow for no space between objects and cabinets, thus decreasing surface area for dust to settle. There are less tiny spaces that are difficult to clean.
3. Space-friendly: If you’re space-limited, even more reason to adopt fully integrated kitchen appliance solutions. Since everything is measured to fit your kitchen perfectly, no inch is wasted!
4. Personalize to your needs: If you need a refrigerated drawer under your counter to access produce easily, you can add a cabinet panel that matches the rest of your kitchen cabinetry.
5. Not just for minimalists: Traditional kitchens can have integrated kitchen appliances too. Many appliances can be refaced and it actually make the kitchen more decorative.

The main downside of integrated kitchen appliances is the cost. Cabinets panels must be custom measured and appliances precisely fitted. Trim pieces can be used to fill in empty areas, too. Will you consider fully integrated kitchen appliances for your kitchen?

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5 Tips for a WOW Kitchen Backsplash

5 Tips for Creating a WOW Kitchen BacksplashIf I walked into the kitchen above, my jaw would be on the floor. A kitchen backsplash is one of those distinctive elements that when executed well, provide that “wow” factor to any kitchen. Since many backsplashes are usually positioned behind the range, think of it as the focal point of your kitchen. It’s your chance to showcase your personality, complement the colors and details of your space, and really get creative. Here are five tips to consider when embarking on this exciting project:

Play on existing colors

Is the rest of your kitchen pure white? If so, you might look into a white subway tile to continue with that clean look. If your kitchen is pure white but you’ve decided to incorporate red accents (a kettle here, fresh flowers there), consider a mosaic of red tiles. In the photo of the kitchen above, the designer chose a mixture of blue-green tiles in different hues, both matte and metallic, to match with the exact hue of blue-green of the countertop. Determine a color that is the “theme” of your space, and work from there.

Not just tile

With tile backsplashes increasing in popularity, the range of colors, textures, and prices tiles come in has only increased. Tile is incredibly versatile, and also great for the DIY installer. When designing your dream kitchen though, don’t rule out stainless steel sheets, tin, marble, recycled glass, or even bamboo and wood. To see what’s out there, do your research on blogs, Pinterest, and Houzz, and save your favorite images to an inspiration folder.

Determine your budget

There are so many cost-effective options out there today that it really pays to do your cost-comparison research. Figure out what your budget is for your kitchen, and pick something that you will be sure to still love in five years, instead of leaping for the trendiest and costliest tile of the moment. You’ll also want to budget for good quality grout- it is what will keep your beautiful tiles on the wall!

Can you clean it?

The least enjoyable part of having a kitchen is cleaning the kitchen. Can it be wiped down with a cleaning solvent? Ceramic tiles are generally the easiest to clean and maintain. Keep in mind that natural tiles will need to be sealed to maintain their finish, so be sure to budget this into your project costs as well.

Pick an accent

If there is a gorgeous tile you have just fallen in love with but is too expensive to buy in large quantities, there’s hope yet! A more detailed handmade or glass tile can be interspersed with solid color tiles to give that luxe look without the luxe price. Be sure to map out how many you will need to avoid waste.

What does your dream backsplash look like? Is one in your kitchen remodeling future?

(Photo via Aimee Kim)

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Stack the Style in Your Kitchen

There is a new trend for wall cabinets that has been gaining popularity; stacked kitchen cabinets are sought after by designers and home owners alike.  Individuals find themselves shying away from the standard wall cabinets and opting for two in their place.  This subtle substitution adds depth and variety to the kitchen.

Stacked kitchen cabinets are perfect for breaking up the over all look of the kitchen.  From a design standpoint, replacing one wall cabinet with two shorter cabinets can make a huge difference.  This simple variation can open up a number of doors.  You can either use two cabinets with wood doors, one cabinet with wood doors and one cabinet with glass doors, or both cabinets with glass doors.  If you choose to go with the glass doors, you can create a display center for your fine china or favorite dinnerware.  Certain manufacturers offer these cabinets with lift up doors which is a more modern take on cabinetry.  To enhance that look even further opt for glass doors when stacking lift door cabinets to give you a sleek contemporary look.

You can even make your room symmetrical by placing two sets of stacked cabinets in opposing areas.  For example, framing the range hood or window with stacked cabinets on either side is a great way to incorporate this design trend.  Many times a valence is placed to bridge the two sections together.  This style of  kitchen design is perfect to turn an ordinary design into the focal point of your kitchen that will have your neighbors talking.

Another reason so many people are all about this alternative is because it can help keep things in order.  Sometimes it is easier to have a cabinet for a specific item.  Replacing one cabinet with two may mean that now the Tubberware and coffee mugs are in their own cabinets.  Additionally, utilizing glass doors and interior cabinet lightning, the stack cabinets are perfect for displaying fine china.

This design trend is excellent to create a unique kitchen design, especially for home owners looking to quickly change the overall appeal of their kitchen.  You can simply replace existing cabinets from a specific area with stacked cabinets, and your kitchen will immediately look different.

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