9 Tips for Installing Your Freestanding Bathtub

Native Trails Aurora Bathtub in Antique

Last week, we featured three new bathtubs now available on the Kitchen Cabinet Kings website. All were unique, beautifully crafted, and make an incredible statement in your master bathroom. If you’re like me, you’ve probably admired them but wondered how their installation works. Below are nine tips to de-mystify the process and help you start seriously considering a freestanding bathtub! Note that freestanding tub installations should be conducted by a professional plumber, and that these tips are for you to be more aware of the process and ensure that a quality job is being performed.

1. Don’t underestimate the weight of the product. Freestanding tubs, especially copper ones like the beautiful Native Trails models, are especially heavy and require several people (including professional movers) to assist in carrying up stairs and fitting in place. Be extremely careful of personal injury!

2. Since your tub will be freestanding, as opposed to attached to a wall, have a professional ensure that a watertight seal exists on all bath drain connections.

3. Unpack the tub and examine it for any damage. Contact customer service immediately if you have received a defective product.

4. You might have a gorgeous wood floor or marble tiles in your bathroom – put down a sturdy dropcloth of throw rug on the floor to move the tub around and to avoid scratches and damage.

5. Not all flooring is created equal. In older buildings, the sub floor may be not level, or not be strong enough to support the weight of the tub. Before buying, check the weight of the product and have an assessment done to ensure that your bathroom can support a freestanding tub.

6. Install the drain to the bath in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, but do not connect the trap yet.

7. Have the plumber ensure that there is easy access to all plumbing connections to facilitate future maintenance or issues.

8. The last step should be to connect the trap to the drain according to instructions, then install faucet valving. Once the tub is installed, check all the connections by turning on and off the hot and cold water, and fill the tub all the way up to make sure there is no leakage.

9. Clean up: When you are cleaning up the installation mess, do not use abrasive cleaners as they can damage the artisan hammered surface of the copper tubs. The best cleaner is siply warm water, a soft cloth, and dish detergent!

Did these tips push you one step closer to making a freestanding bathtub in your master bath a reality? Let us know your thoughts

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Gorgeous & Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tile

Tile is one of the simplest and most exciting ways to rejuvenate a tired bathroom. With the all the selections available today, there are plenty of quality green, eco-friendly, and sustainable options as well. All of these featured tiles are made from recycled materials, utilize green manufacturing processes, or give back to the community. Discover my picks below and find out what makes each one so special besides being eco-friendly!

Barcelona Mosiac

Barcelona Mosaic Tile

Getting ready in a bathroom tiled with this iridescent mosaic sounds positively glamorous. The multifaceted neutrals have a subtle sheen that will reflect light around your space. Use these versatile tiles to cover an entire wall, or just to create a border for a hint of shimmer. Learn more Barcelona Mosaic Tile.

Blazestone Glass

Blazestone Glass Tile

Don’t you just love how the tiles are all different shapes? This refreshing, vibrant tile would be perfect in a bathroom with tons of natural light. Plus, there are no additional colorants added, just all post-industrial, post-consumer glass – awesome. Learn more about Blazestone Glass Tile.

Handpainted Fireclay

Handpainted Fireclay Tile

This handpainted tile was made using the cuerda-seca method, which originated in Spain to keep colors separate with dark lines. Go with this Tuscan-inspired look, mixed with simple white tiles, for a romantic master bathroom, or customize your own! Learn more about Handpainted Fireclay Tile.

Las Vegas Mosaic

Las Vegas Mosaic Tile

Light to dark blue/purple tiles will add serious drama to your bathroom. Make this glitzy mosaic part of your everyday routine by pairing it with sleek, dark cabinets for a truly upscale feel. Learn more about Las Vegas Mosaic Tile.

Little Diamonds

Little Diamonds Tile

For your powder room, consider this cheery geometric pattern. This would be so fun as an accent wall behind the mirror and paired with rich oak cabinets. Made to order and entirely customizable with your favorite colors. Learn more about Little Diamonds Tile.


Eco-friendly bathroom tile in action!

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tile in Action

South Beach tile by Daltile

Can you believe these beautiful products are basically made of trash? Have you thought about using eco-friendly bathroom tile in your home? Did we change your mind? Do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear what you think!

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Fantasy Bathroom Series: Vessel Sink vs. Undermount Sink

Vessel Sink vs. Undermount SinkHave you ever dined at a restaurant, gone to the restroom, and returned in awe to tell your tablemates, “You must see the bathroom!” Or, visited your friend’s place for the first time and washed your hands for an extra minute because her soap and new sink felt so luxurious? The truth is, bathrooms make a lasting impression on people. It’s the second face of your home or establishment. The Fantasy Bathroom series will focus on an aspect of bathroom remodeling each time. First up: the vessel sink vs. the undermount sink.

Vessel sinks are sinkbowls that sit on top of the counter. Though the design is inspired by washbins pre-running water, vessel sinks can actually lend a quite modern and artistic feel to a large or small bathroom. Its installation varies from a conventional sink; a counter that is lower than standard height is necessary to accommodate the above counter bowl, and plumbing may be different. The faucet also must be the right height and length to avoid splashing.

Undermount sinks are mounted below the counter, allowing for a seamless counter-basin surface. Undermount sinks are more traditional and make for clean and simple lines. Also, since I do my hair and makeup every morning in the bathroom, the extra counter space that the undermount sink provides leaves more room for my products and blow dryer. I would pair something like this crisp white ceramic vanity sink with a luxe white marble countertop and a brushed nickel finish faucet.

What’s your experience with either kind of sink? My ideal home would incorporate a beautifully distinct vessel sink for a “wow” factor in the powder room, and a sleek double undermount sinks for the master bathroom. I’m curious to hear what kind you’d choose for your fantasy bathroom!

(Photos via Landmark Builders and Better Homes and Gardens)

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How to Plan for a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are an important aspect of any home bathroom — they allow you to wash up and store your beauty products, and the more space the better. Whether you share a bathroom with your spouse, have two kids that need to use the same restroom, or just want allow your guests more than one sink, a double sink vanity is a plus. While not all bathrooms will have the space to accommodate two sinks, installing an extra sink is worth thinking about during a bathroom remodel project. In order to determine if a double sink vanity is right for your bathroom, consider the following factors.


Bathroom vanities can be crowded real estate in your home, particularly if you have a large family. Adding two sinks to the vanity space not only makes it easier for your family to use the space, but can increase the resale value of your home. If the next potential buyer prefers an individual sink in the master bathroom, for example, the fact that you have a dual sink vanity may make or break their decision to purchase your home.


Of course, a small bathroom may not have room for more than one sink in the vanity. Don’t sacrifice function for appearances — if a dual sink set up will make your bathroom too cramped to be comfortable, you’re better off settling for a single sink that looks natural in the room. Determining if you have enough room for a double sink bathroom vanity is easy enough; measure the space available for your vanity and then determine the length of your proposed vanity. Make sure that your shower stall can comfortably swing open with a longer vanity, and that there will still be ample room around the toilet.

Other Measurements

When you are measuring for two sinks, keep in mind that no more than 30 inches should exist between the middle of each sink basin. If there is too much space between each sink, the plumbing aspect of your remodel may be affected adversely. Also, make sure that there is at least one foot of space between the center of each sink and the nearest wall (not including the wall behind the sink). This allows enough space to comfortable wash your hands and stand in front of the sink without banging your elbows.


You can use the same waste line for two sinks, but separate traps and drains are probably required. The set up for bathroom vanities’ plumbing may vary based on the cupboard and drawer set up; in some cases, the drawers will make it more difficult to combine the two sink’s waste lines into one. Consult your plumber during a bathroom remodel to find out the extra costs involved with adding another sink — if it is even possible. If you buy a dual sink vanity and then find out the plumbing requirements are extensive, you may regret your purchase.

Custom Vanities

If your room is small but you’re determined to have a two sink vanity, consider getting a custom vanity built. Custom projects let you get the look you want without having to adhere to the standard sizes in which countertops and bathroom cabinetry are typically sold. Custom bathroom vanities also let you get exactly what you want when it comes to the countertop and cabinetry combinations.

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