Does Your Bathroom De-Stress You?

Bathroom with Sliding Barn Door
I’m usually quite partial to sleek lines, minimalist furniture, and futuristic kitchen appliances. In fact, I drool over the Ikea catalog each season. But, in New York City some spaces are too styled. Every high rise lobby is outfitted in mid-century modern seating, decorated with an abstract painting, or has chrome details…lots of them.

That’s why I can understand why this Brooklyn family renovated their home to give off a warm, cozy, farmhouse feel to contrast with their busy and chaotic lives in the city. While the entire home is beautiful, I was especially impressed with how they pulled off an inviting, hospitable, and serene bathroom without being sterile.

Beautiful All White Bathroom

1. Barn Door: Wow. This door, reappropriated from a sheep farm in New Hamsphire, is the focal point and pièce de résistance of not just the bathroom, but the room surrounding it. By carefully staining and constructing it to slide and fit in the space, the owners brought the area to life with love and care.

2. All White Details: When in doubt, clean white vanities, a fresh coat of white paint, and storage will make any bathroom look comfortable and soothing. Brushed nickel details such as the towel hooks, pull out magnifying mirrors, and faucets make you and your guests feel like it’s a hotel. The freshly laundered towels folded on a simple white wooden shelf contribute to this feel.

3. Lots of light: What if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows? Dark bathrooms are the worst, especially if you’re trying to shave or apply makeup in the morning. It’s a bit hard to see, but on the leftmost side of the second photo, you can glimpse the floor to ceiling panel of floorblasted glass. This frosted effect allows natural light from the living room to encompass the bathroom, without revealing anything too…private. That would be awkward.

4. Vase by the door: Okay, so technically this detail is outside the bathroom, but by placing a beautifully curated floor vase by the door, a quite welcoming effect ensues. This vase almost says, “Here you are about to enter into a beautiful, tranquil experience.” Talk about making the most of a situation! How it’s designed is quite clever and effortless – large white coffee table books (we spot one about Dali!) and organic decorative branches add texture and layers to the entrance piece.

5. Large floor tiles: The sand colored tiles are gorgeous in their own right, but the takeaway here is large, square floor tiles. No more of that 12″ x 12″ crap. Especially if you have a small bathroom, larger tiles will actually give it the visual effect of being more spacious. Here, no matter what texture or color you select, these jumbo tiles fit perfectly in line with the luxurious yet laid back style of this farmhouse oasis in Brooklyn.

Even looking at these photos had a calming effect on me. Does your own home feel like an oasis from the area where you live? What elements of your home automatically relax or de-stress you once you get home?

(Photos via Design Sponge)

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Five Inspiring Photos to Break You Out of Your Design Rut

So many of us get stuck in ruts. Life ruts, relationship ruts, career ruts, but most importantly (clearly), design ruts. You see the same interiors over and over, or get used to using a ladder for just one reason, or seeing a kitchen that is all too typical. Sometimes, all it takes is a visual “punch” to bring you back to life and get your creative juices flowing again. Even if these photos don’t represent ideas you’d incorporate into your own kitchen or bathroom, they’re bound to shake up your day a little, and spring you on your way towards a freer, less inhibited aesthetic.

Ladder with pots and pans hanging on it in the kitchen

Ladders are for climbing and reaching high places…right? This ultra simple metal ladder doubles as a pan holder. Simply buy some S-shaped hooks and you’ll have an instant storage unit. What a beautiful, rustic way to display your cast iron pots and pans.

Ladder in a bathroom using closet for storage

All too often we see shoes and accessories stored together with clothing. In this bathroom, storage space that would normally be reserved for toiletries, extra linens, and cleaning products make way for accessories. Simply unhinge cabinet doors and cover with a coat of glossy white paint for a clean, boutique feel.

Nautical themed kitchen inside of an Airstream trailer

This is an Airstream trailer. How freaking awesome, right? The “kitchen” is tiny – it actually consists of one burner, a convection microwave, and a teeny-tiny sink. But, it’s brought to life with it’s all white look, and pop of contrast in the graphic wallpaper. Also, if you’ve got a tiny space, a theme might be handy. This Airstream is nautical themed, so furnishing it in accordance, down to the porthole window, makes a small space light, airy, and fun.

Bathroom with multiple round mirrors hanging

Can’t find the perfect mirror for your vanity? We love that this modern, minimalist vanity was paired with simple mirrors of various sizes, arranged haphazardly but still stylishly on the wall. You can also achieve a similar look by pairing mirrors with different frames, some modern, some more ornate. Think a gallery photo wall, but with mirrors instead. The key is to not look too done!

Bathroom with chalkboard paint, pastel rug, and paintings hanging

Lastly, there are so many elements in this bathroom that I wouldn’t normally think of putting in a bathroom, but somehow it works. First, the rug. A little random, but you have to admit that it’s so much chicer than those terry bath mats that come in pastel colors. Also, the black chalkboard paint. It’s sometimes too much to paint an entire bathroom black, so you’ll notice 90% of the walls are covered with hanging photos, prints, and paintings. They predominantly have white backgrounds, which makes for a lovely contrast, and echoes the white toilet and sink.

Did these photos “disrupt” your design aesthetic and get you out of that rut? Share your most inspirational ideas below.

(Photos via Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy)

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Three Celebrity Kitchens To Emulate

Remember MTV cribs? Of course you do. I used to watch episode after episode, entertained by what I saw but never really finding anything realistically applicable to my future dream home. It’s undoubtedly awesome to have a dolphin pool in your backyard, or a closet to display 3,000 pairs of shoes, but…really?

Today we’ve rounded up three celebrity kitchens that are realistic, gorgeous, and inspirational. Check out the distinct styles of Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy), and Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine), and decide which elements you can envision adopting in your own home.

Kristen Bell's Los Angeles Kitchen

Kristen Bell’s sunny and cheery L.A. kitchen seems to match her personality perfectly. Doesn’t she look so effortless? The cabinets are finished with Benjamin Moore Simply White paint and colorful garden accents pop out here and there. A super fun and chic look we love is the bar stools upholstered in a beachy print. This is a great DIY project – find a set of matching bar stools at a cheap furniture store or even your neighborhood flea market and then spruce them up with white paint, and your favorite fabric. We also dig the contrast of the dark sleek wood floor with the bright cabinets and walls. The sage green floor mats do a great job of warming up the space, to achieve a homey and comfortable effect.

Ellen Pompeo's Hollywood Kitchen

This is Ellen Pompeo’s Hollywood home’s kitchen. You can see that the overall vibe is very Mediterranean, with terra cotta tiles (imported from France, though yours don’t have to be!) and open air shelving. The stainless steel appliances give the kitchen a more industrial feel, which complements the stunning, large photograph of a city train platform. Yet, this kitchen still feels like an easy going place to share a glass of wine with whomever is preparing dinner, thanks to the colorful wildflowers and fun striped rug.

Florence Welch's London Kitchen

Lastly, Florence Welch’s London cottage kitchen is simply charming. Amazingly, she fits so much in very small quarters without it looking cramped. Florence’s style is romantic, rustic, and a little quirky. The long kitchen table shows that she values entertaining and having large dinners with family and friends. The fact that the main dining area is right smack in the middle of the kitchen eliminates all separation of cook and guests; we’d guess that cooking is a social activity at the Welch home. Her space is covered with Florence-centric ephemera, including refrigerator magnets, crest-style prints on the wall, and an embellished lamp. The abundance of greens and flowers in her kitchen is what breathes life into the room, with elegant bouquets and table greens. Plus, light (huge door/window on right) and skylight opens up her otherwise small kitchen. Lovely!

Are there any ideas from these three unique celebrities that you can see yourself incorporating into your kitchen?

(Photos via InStyle, ElleDecor, and VOGUE)

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Get Your Kitchen Ready for Summer in 7 Days

Summer White Kitchen with Yellow Backsplash
Many restaurants serve seasonal menus, changing their offerings every few months to complement what’s local and fresh. One of the most distinct restaurants that has very successfully utilized this model is Park Avenue Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in New York City. Each season, the restaurants not only overhauls its menu, but undergoes a complete renovation and redecoration, emerging with new furnishings that are season-centric.

On a less expensive scale, home cooks and kitchens often do the same. We shop for what’s newly available at our local farmer’s markets, add spring flowers and planters, and are often ready for a big Spring cleaning by the time March rolls around. As it’s nearing the end of May, those of us on the East Coast are eagerly anticipating Summer.

Here are 7 easy projects you can do to get your kitchen ready for Summer in just one week! Doing one thing each night is simple and manageable.

1. Tuesday: Find, thrift, or buy a colorful bowl and visit your grocery store for colorful and delicious fruit to place inside. Voila! Your room instantly looks fresher and you’ve got a stash of healthy snacks for the week.

2. Wednesday: Visit your local nursery or store to see their selection of house plants and flowers. Buy the prettiest or greenest arrangement you can find and place it in a previously boring corner of your kitchen.

3. Thursday: Look around your apartment or house and see if anything needs a new paint job. I guarantee there is at least one thing. When in doubt, white paint always freshens up an old piece of furniture or out of style cabinets.

4. Friday: You’re sitting at your office at work and feel like leaving for the weekend already. Play hooky a little and browse your favorite websites for any killer home goods sales. I love Gilt, West Elm, and surprisingly, Kate Spade. Treat yourself to one unique and practical item for your kitchen (see the dolls, aqua pasta holders, and ceramic owl in the right side of the photo above?) that makes you smile every time you see it.

5. Saturday: With your blue painter’s tape and some extra dropcloths, start painting whatever you intended to paint! We love the look of all white cabinets.

6. Sunday: Once those cabinets are dry, shop for sleek cute new cabinet knobs or drawer pulls. Bring home and simply screw on. Instantly a whole new look!

7. Monday: Clean, clean, clean! Throw out any old spices that have been sitting too long in the pantry, unidentified foods in the fridge, and clean out all the crevices of the countertops. Be sure to wipe down the backsplash if you have it, or the wall behind the range, because all the grease from cooking accumulates there quite fast.

And, there you have it. Your kitchen is all set for Summer cocktail parties and entertaining! Will you do the 7 day Summer Ready Kitchen Challenge? Let us know how it goes.

(Photo via Design Sponge)

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5 Ways A Can of White Paint Can Bring Life Back To Your Kitchen

Before & After White KitchenDo you ever get demoralized looking at those big beautiful kitchens in glossy magazines? I know those perfectly curated kitchens are meant to inspire, but they often just make me feel that my own home is woefully inadequate.

In reality, it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to give your kitchen a bright new look. Can you believe the two images above are of the same kitchen? A can of white paint is sometimes all you need to freshen up an old space. And, that impossibly chic oversized Chinese lantern doesn’t hurt.

White paint is versatile, cheap, and an easy project to knock out on a Saturday with a couple friends. So what exactly can you do with one can of white paint? Check out the ideas below, and add your own if we missed anything. Remember to thoroughly wipe down the walls and dry them before you paint as well as use drop cloths over furniture and flooring.

1. Completely white walls: Choose the perfect shade of white (yes, there are different hues of white.) The color above is Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint in eggshell in Base 1. The amount of natural light in your kitchen will determine if you want a cooler white or a warmer white. Apply all over.

2. White Trim: Painting the trim (as in the photo above) allows a room to open up and feel more sleek, even ultra-modern. See how the room on the right looks bigger?

3. Inside back of shelves: If you have mounted shelves and love the look of floating shelves, you can simply paint the inside back of plain wooden shelves white to achieve an optical illusion.

4. Paint the cabinets white: If switching out the cabinets isn’t in your budget yet, give them a simple update with a couple coats of fresh white paint. Then, be sure to add some new, inexpensive kitchen hardware to complete the new look.

5. Don’t forget the ceiling: Remember to include the ceiling in your “white-out” project. This will ensure you don’t have different shades of white in the same room and complete your 360-degree makeover.

Are there other creative ideas you’ve done with a simple can of white paint? Please share below!

(Photo via Apartment Therapy)

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From Warm to Wild: The Yellow Kitchen

Dandelions, marigolds and sunflowers. Butter, sweet corn and fresh cream. Some of the best things in life are yellow so it makes sense that this bright and cheery color is a classic for kitchen design. If you think only bold canary when you think of a yellow palette, take a moment to consider all the variations in nature – and at the paint store! – before making a final decision.

The Many Shades of Yellow

If you are looking for something subtle, don’t be frightened away from this sunny color. Used frequently in marketing for children’s and discount items, bright and obnoxious yellows give the rest of the shades a bad rap.

Dark kitchens suffering from lack of natural sunlight will take yellow better than any other color. Creams and off-whites can brighten and warm your kitchen like nothing else, even lighting. Choose the warmth of a yellow tint for your off-white paint selection if you are seeking more warmth in your kitchen décor. Milder hues of yellow, such as lemon chiffon or a light papaya, lend a calm and cozy air.

If you are a fan of bold or are looking for a way to seriously brighten up a drab kitchen, bright yellows can cause quite a stir. Naturally luminous, yellow will enhance whatever natural light makes it to your kitchen. Be careful when using yellow with other colors, however, as brighter hues combined with other bold colors can easily look gaudy.

If you have or are planning to have white prominent in your kitchen color palette, yellow will lend your space a bright and cheery feel. Consider warm, gold shades of yellow such as amber or goldenrod for a comforting, classic feel.

What Yellow Can Do For You

Everyone knows that colors can have a strong impact on the way a person feels. The color of a room can control the way anyone inside feels physically, mentally and emotionally. Yellow is, in general, an energizing color. It promotes mental and physical energy and a feeling of calm and contentment.

Yellow is a powerful color, too. Too much of it, or too bright a hue, and a feeling of being overwhelmed can descend. Some people claim small children and babies cry more in yellow rooms for just this reason.

The trick to using yellow correctly in home décor, of course, is moderation. Don’t use bold shades pervasively but don’t underestimate the warmth of a subtle yellow hue, either. The powers of yellow are best harnessed in combination and cooperation with the natural lighting in a room.

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Cedar Vent Crafts

Here in the Pacific Northwest cedar is wildly popular. There is no other wood with the same great auroma, durability and beauty of cedar. When we got the opportunity to buy a whole lot of cedar vents we jumped at the chance. Obviously cedar vents are great for exactly what they are built for, venting buildings. However, with this many cedar vents at such great prices I couldn't help but wonder what other handy uses they have. I had a couple of ideas of my own and rather than building each piece to show I took to the internet to see if someone already had the same idea. When googling cedar vent craft, art, ect. I didn't come up with much. Then I used louvered door as my search phrase and came up with a few more pictures. What's great about cedar vents over louvered doors is that they can be used outside, they come in smaller sizes and have a wider variety of shapes which means you can use them without having to cut apart and reconfigure full doors. Below are some of my favorite ideas. If you are a DIY'er I would love to hear your suggestions and any pictures you might have. You can view a few of the shapes and sizes of the cedar vents we have in stock by clicking HERE!
While this use of cedar vents isn't wildly imaginative, I think the extra embellishments are a great addition. Who says attic vents have to be boring? How cute would this look on playhouse or tree house?
Building a coupola is a great use for these cedar vents. Coupolas look great on barns, sheds and even country houses. 
Really, is this not the cutest shelving unit ever? Make it even easier by nixing the top shelf and the unit becomes a very cute and EASY coat rack!  
Our cedar vents have small metal meshing behind the vents that can be removed, but keeping it attached and adding a rustic white paint job would make them look very farmhouse chic. Add some pictures for a unique photo keeper.
This headboard is made to look like a louvered door. But there are a few great headboard sized cedar vents that if clear coated would look awesome! Use two rectangular ones and add an arched one on top for an extra cool touch. 
These crafty homeowners used these small vents for a shower curtain valance. Because cedar is commonly used for exterior uses, cedar would work great in a bathroom!
Have some stamps dumped into a drawer? Organize and display them with cedar vents!
A Millwork Outlet exclusive idea: the new and improved business card holder. Use a cedar vent to organize and display business cards, place setting cards or photos.